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  • Star Wars Jokes: Best Jokes In the Galaxy vol. 2
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    welcome to volume 2 of my most successful book, Star Wars Jokes: The Best Jokes in the Galaxy vol.1! If you'd like to send in a joke or meme of your own or one that you'd like posted then just comment or dm it to me!

  • Kagura's Drawings ♡
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    You can see some of my other drawings on Raven-paw's account! XD

  • The Diary of a Struggling Genderfluid Person.
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    It's just here for me to rant, guys.

  • Star Wars Memes
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    A couple of Star Wars Memes

  • Stormtrooper RP
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    Yes I know I keep making Star Wars related things. #DealWithIt

  • Zootopia Drabbles
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    NickXJudy Drabbles. Follow the lives of michevious and overly-flirty fox, Nick Wilde, who used to make his living conning animals and Judy Hopps, a spite-fire police officer for the Zootopia Police department. Chapter 1-33 were made before I saw the movie Zootopia. Edited by: @obsessivegeekgirl13 Comic series a...

  • Things To NOT Say To A Star Wars Fan
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    The title sums it up.

  • The youngling stormtrooper
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    A youngling 10 years of age is forced into training. To be a stormtrooper even after numerous complaints he is still forced into training. His teacher leads him more than he wants ---teacher perspective--- A young boy by the name Lukin is the kid she is assigned. Wanting to be the best mentor she can be and being a li...

  • Pictures From The 3 Stormtroopers
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    Characteristics of the 3 Stormtroopers 1. Stormtroper: Kind and nice 2. Stormtrooper: Naughty and Annoying 3. Stormtroooper: Humble and talkactive

  • TR-8R: The Riot Control Trooper
    5.1K 160 22

    After five minutes of screen time, the riot control trooper named by fans TR-8R, story is finally revealed by Disney. The story behind the Fan Favorite Stormtrooper! ! TR-8R (My Favorite TR-8R memes are inside) I don't own star wars or any character ... Disney does... *cries*

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  • How Not to Deal With Your Anger [with Kylo Ren] DISCONTINUED
    27.8K 2.9K 10

    We all get frustrated often, and we all have ways we deal with it. But when you're a Sith Lord, it takes more than music and fresh air to unwind. These are ways that you shouldn't deal with your anger brought to you by Kylo Ren. [WARNING: TFA SPOILERS] -DISCONTINUED-

  • The General Thoughts of General Hux
    211K 13.2K 61

    For all of you insolent youth who wish to take a glimpse into my mind, here is a book of thoughts that I conceive regularly. -Hux ---- This book contains TFA spoilers and lots of kylux (kylo x hux), so if you for some reason haven't seen the movie yet or if you're uncomfortable with that pairing, I kindly advise you t...

    Completed   Mature