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  • My Shooting Star (Gravity Falls Fan fiction)
    197 10 3

    Hello there I'm Madison Pines the youngest triplet of the Pines family . Dipper and Mabel Pines younger sister . She is very weak and able to see strange unknown things . She doesn't look like Dipper and Mabel at all . but she is very special that's why she was locked in a hidden room . she has never been outside . S...

  • Deadly(Gakuen alice FF) {May be Re-written}
    15.9K 401 22

    Katty a girl who loves anime and computers is smarter than most not like normal girls gets pushed and hit by a truck dying in her world. when she wakes up she finds out who she is by a letter. and her ablitys by reading the books that were in the bag. shes strong smart and deadly what happens when she goes to alice re...

  • ❄ Iʍ Jʊst A Lօռɛʟʏ Gɨʀʟ ❄
    30 6 3

    ⓐⓝ ⓐⓝⓘⓜⓔ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓢⓣⓞⓡⓨ

  • Space Between Us ((Anime Manga Fanfiction))
    1.4K 45 22

    Hi! I'm Yume Fukushima (夢 福島). I'm Half American and half Japanese Average normal 12 year old well, Kinda popular actually. I love To Sing,plays the guitar and mostly my favorite Drawing! Until One day She went to Japan To Study Her Japanese Better and to be improved. I went to 5-1 Classroom As i step in her classroo...

  • The Kuran Sakamaki's Legacy
    20.4K 588 13

    Sequel to the Special Kuran Sakamaki A year has gone by since Airisu has defeated her uncles and Cordelia, and nothing could be more peaceful. Having made amend with the Kuran family, Airisu now lives with the Cross Academy vampires and her brothers, per Kaien and Karl's request, but as the days go by, Airisu realizes...

  • Make Me Proud (Kuroko no basket)
    75.2K 2K 13

    Hikaru Kaneko was born into a legacy. Her father was one of the Generation of Miracles when he was young but after and accident caused him to lose one of his legs, he became unable to play competitively. Hikaru was born with the ability to play basketball, just as well as her father. She wants more than anything to ma...

  • One world to another
    77.3K 2.9K 26

    This book is about a eighteen-year-old girl named Caitlin. She lives in the twenty-first century and has some how ended up in the world of Black Butler. But there is a secret about Caitlin and her family; she is a neko~~ How will she get back home? Does she want to go back home? And what will happen between Sebastian...

  • Oh My Prince! (Suspended) For Now
    23.1K 995 45

    It about a girl who's about to become a first year high schooler and what more than she'll meet the school most handsome boy who has a secret dark side. And now a Prince came to ruin her life with this, the school what the girl want a normal life became a disaster life. Warning: A.There gonna be a wrong grammar B.The...

  • Im your stalker (Anime love story)
    23.4K 609 9

    Boris is stalking a lot of people but he sees a new girl in town and stalks her a lot and he finds out that he wants her.

  • That You're Mine♥ (shoujo) by:Ss23
    2.9K 85 8

    Kimino Yuuki is a Junior transferee student at Namimori High where she got a scholarship grant.. She thought that her life being a High school student at Namimori would be better but everything changed when she met a guy who happens to be the chairman's son and the Student Council President. In order to pay her debt f...

  • Childhood friends (sequel)
    38.5K 1.8K 43

    Sequel to childhood friends (read childhood friends before reading this)

  • She Was All I Had. . .
    535 11 4

    Alexander is the older brother of Annabelle,who is all he has left in his life.He would do anything for her.Where his mother and father were killed when he was only 7.But 10 years later he meets up with the people who killed his father and mother,will he let his anger get the best if him or will he try and save anothe...

  • The Tears that I Cried
    4.5K 220 37

    Aki is just a regular high school girl leading a regular life. One day she found out she had a disease. She wasn't able to enjoy life like regular high schooler. What will happen to her?

  • A Firefly's Glow
    129K 5.4K 100

    Hotaru is your average 15-year-old who has survived living in her own apartment and working for her own money. Even though she has always imagined herself suddenly turning into a princess with a luxurious castle, she survives with a "poor" status with doubts of love and luxury. One evening when she steps out into the...

  • I hate you..or Do I love you? (Anime love story)
    46K 1.7K 13

    Takara is a third year student at her school.. She runs into a few what do you say road blocks.. Some people get on her about her attitude at times but she is a loving person and really popular around the school. All the sudden this guy she knew from previous years (known for being a pervert and rude) talks to her...a...

  • Be bad for me. [Seijuro Akashi.]
    85K 2.5K 31

    a poorly written akashi seijuro fa fiction by a much younger version of myself - his best friend would be much more worth a read 💛

  • "White Roses"••• A/N : DISCONTINUED
    6.5K 109 3

    This story is about a girl name Akira Nanami. She moved into Tokyo to start a fresh new life. The High-School she is going to is Kagawa High-School because her long lost childhood friend that doesn't remembered her goes there. She is also currently working at a cosplay cafe. Nanami didn't want anyone to find out about...

  • Amnesia (Anime Story)
    24.2K 698 25

    REN. "I like you, Mizuku." It was just a short sentece. What was I afraid of again? My world which seemed so huge before, was it always this small? How can a single incident change that day so much? MIZUKU. It looked so pretty but it was actually rotten already. My world world which looked so colorful before, was it...

  • A Girl's life (Anime Story)
    11.9K 509 17

    The Life of Yuri Komori a regular girl in a regular world, or is it? Her and her new friends, Yamagoshi and Lola doing the BEST of things together. *(Best Description Eva)*

  • My brother and I: Memories
    7K 549 24

    So we're back again to my brother and I! This story circles around Mellanie and the gang for a new adventuring year: Mellanie is already at her senior year in Eleanor High. So she plans to make a lot of promising memories and memories that she never wants to forget and regret. But when the time comes that Mellanie lo...

  • My brother and i (anime story)
    161K 5.6K 45

    What do you feel when you have a brother who is popular, cool, comes home late and doesn't really show his love to his little sister because of embarrassment? How about when he's with his friends, you called him and he acts like you don't exist? Well, that's what I feel. Hi my name is Mellanie. I live alone...

  • I Fell In Love With An Otaku
    6.3K 307 4

    Himeko is an otaku and she doesnt hide it, she plays games everywhere. Shes pretty so is naturally popular but no one can approach her because of her scary aura when she plays games. One guy gathers up the courage to talk to her but...

  • Only You
    12.1K 585 9

    Rika always hangs out with boys but she thinks nothing of it, they are all best friends despite all of them being so different to each other. Rika doesnt get along with girls and well, hates them.Rika is actually pretty popular herself but doesnt really care about anything except her best friends. However, they all c...

  • Ms. Dense & Mr. Popular
    38.7K 1.4K 10

    What happens if Mr. Popular falls inlove with Ms. Dense? Yuuki Samuro ( Ms. Dense ), a childhood friend of Reizo Diitsu ( Mr. Popular ). Reizo has always been inlove with Yuuki, but she doesen't feel the same way. Even if he gets all the girls' attention, his heart only belonged to one special girl. Yuuki, in the o...

  • Bard's Cousin
    177K 5.7K 28

    Okay so basically I didn't finish editing but you can read and cringe at your own free will. There is a gap though. ELEMENTS OF THE STORY -A name - military flunky -criss cross dressing -sexually confused midget -LEGIT ERRORS -bs excuses -pointless rant -missing scenes -more loose holes than a whore -a fucking cros...

  • Black brother ( A black butler fan fiction)
    657 16 4

    A black butler fan fiction about ciel's twin sister Celeste. I had been taken to the palace to learn to be a proper lady at a young age. I was taken away from my mother father and so I was told my twin brother. I was only ten when I was told my whole family and the manor burned down to ash my brothers body was never f...

  • The black cat (black butler)
    167K 7.3K 40

    A cat named willow wonders the streets freely but lonely. That is until a tall butler dressed in black catches sight of her. Instinctively he picks her up and convinces Ciel to let him keep her. (some how) but there is something she knows that they don't. She has a hazy past and doesn't want them to know because she's...

  • Sweet Little Butterfly (Black Butler fanfiction)
    164K 6.3K 26

    Young Earl Ciel Phantomhive has just sold his soul to one hell of a butler, but unknown to these two, a sweet little butterfly is coming over to visit. Can this stranger change their lives? We can only hope but no doubt this will be one hell of a story.

  • Sebby's Little Sister {A Black Butler Fan-Fic}[COMPLETED]
    222K 8.2K 17

    After being apart for a hundred years Ankoku runs into her big brother Sebastian, she has been searching for him for quite a while and has finally found him. With the newest arrival, Ciel must try and keep this odd girl away from the pesky Alois. Something is indeed peculiar about her and they both want to find out. W...