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  • Bendy and the Ink Machine: Main Event Stars (FNIA style)
    29.7K 257 6

    In the midst of the 1940s, the United States was at it's most back breaking. With one of the most deadliest conflicts going on within the world, they were back bone of most of the supplies and materials during the war. Rather it was guns, vehicles, or... cartoons? Ah yes! The golden years of American animation. Cartoo...

  • HuniePop: Professional Womanizer
    36.5K 357 18

    Sometimes being a virgin is just too much baggage to carry around. Some people are fine with just being virgins, sad. What about all the poon that's waiting around? Well thank the love fairies above for helping get these virgins get laid. Andrew "Johnathan" Garrett is one of the many virgins out there in the world who...

  • Five Nights In Anime: Surprised?
    22.3K 227 9

    Why? Why do I have to do this? Can't this city be safe? Why do I have to protect it? This might be the worst curse I ever got. Should I introduce myself? I feel like I've down this more then once. Hell, Why do I have to do so much? I just want to be I bed, resting. But no, I'm here. Where you ask? Somewhere. You shoul...

  • Monster Musume: Life Changer
    7.9K 99 7

    A couple years after the "cultural exchange bill" was passed, revealing mythical creatures to the human world and integrating them into everyday human life in almost every country around the world. Within the United States though, there has been a lot of issues brought with the bill. Especially in the city of Black Cr...