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  • Invitation for love
    3.5K 334 10

    Romantic comedy with our RN

  • Redeeming Love
    139K 8.5K 49

    Story about two people madly in love...Join me in this wonderful journey of betrayal love obsession A story about two young souls, Arnav and Khushi! Guys I'm writing this for the very first time..i promise it's gonna be a beautiful journey! You will see a modern And strong Khushi.. a loving caring Arnav..a mature An...

  • Pyar Ki Ek Dasta
    41.4K 930 43

    Doh dil kismat se milte hai aur pyaar ki rah par nikal padte hai .. Purvi Tiwari Has a little secret sealed from the world buried deep down in her heart. She is often called Beauty with brains . Purvi can be the person you know since ages but then can turn into a stranger the next minute .. Aisi haasti khilti ladki k...

  • Sweet Nothing In My Ear
    10.8K 373 17

    SO HERE IT IS...Monica gets pregnant in college. The kid is Chandler's, one night stand, he never knew about the baby. Because Monica's parents move once they figured out that she was pregnant. Monica and Chandler never stopped thinking about each other for years. They never kept in contact though, sense she moved. Ro...

  • Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke..
    794 53 4

    Mishti is a shy and nerdy girl who questions the 'jhatpat shadi' concept.. Abir is a boy who knows how to live life to the fullest.. Both of them have dark pasts..but what happens when they come across each other ?

  • They Defeated The Odds...
    558 15 1

    Nobody Thought They Were Going To Last. Be Like Every Other High School Relationship. A Fling. Except For 5 People. Chandler And Monica One Shot. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • Smile...
    850 16 1

    i wanna see you smile...

  • Jodha Akbar: Is It Hate OR Love? #Wattys2016
    176K 6.3K 38

    Year 1562, Majority of the Hindustan was ruled under cruel, merciless and heartless Mughal King Jalaluddin Mohammad AKBAR. Soon Jalal comprehends Hindu Rajvanshi brave clan were not easy to conquer. To fulfill his ravenous desire to rule over entire Hindustan, he manipulated Rajvanshi kings with his wicked proceed and...

  • TOW Monica's Diary
    2K 43 8

    Monica and Chandler met in high school. She was just a naive high schooler back then. Chandler barely knew her. Monica still remembered him. What happens when a diary is found? Mondler Fanfiction!

  • Together: A F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fanfic...
    26.1K 432 31

    Based On The American Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Monica And Chandler Have Been Trying For A Baby For Almost A Year Now And When Monica Finally Falls Pregnant The Gang Couldn't Be Happier. But As Every Parent Knows There Are Ups And Downs In Every Pregnancy. Will They Be Able To Handle It And Will Their Friendships Remain I...

  • The Dead Officer's Truth OR Facet.!?
    15.3K 1.2K 37

    What happens when the person you thought to be dead from the past 2 years stands alive in front of you...? Well this specific team of Emergency Task Force (ETF) had to deal with this situation... The Dead Research Specialist of ETF who had consumed a deadly bacteria to save the city was back from the deads after 2 lon...

  • One and Only - A chandler and Monica story
    41.5K 879 47

    Monica Lives in new York with her husband Micheal and her daughter. Chandler and Monica dated in college but when they broke up chandler never stopped having feelings for her. Chandler is Now Monica's best friend. But what happens when things start to go wrong between Monica and her husband. and her husband starts get...

  • The one with the jellyfish~my version
    4.1K 56 9

    What if something happened at the beach between chandler and Monica? Or if Rachel never wrote that letter? Two couples in the group at one time... What will happen between it all?

  • Friends Turned Lovers
    5.6K 139 7

    A fan fiction about Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox. On-screen they played lovers but could it play out well in real life? They knew they both kind of wanted it but it only took a little nine year old Coco to make it a reality for them.

  • Once in love, always in love
    9.2K 216 12

    Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox discover their love for each other during the scene where Monica and Chandler get together in the show. Please ignore the fact that a lot of my information is wrong. For example, in my story I didn't pay attention to when courteney got pregnant and when she gave birth, so she was probab...

  • Cloud Nine ✔️
    8.5K 237 18

    "I'm sorry," Chandler apologized. "You say that, but what happened back there?" Monica asked and his heart started racing. Was this an opportunity being handed to him? Should he tell her why? Was this the chance he got to speak the truth? Tell her how he really felt? She looked into his eyes and his heart thumped w...

  • Stuck In The Limelight...
    18.1K 442 32

    When Ross Geller Invites His Little Sister Monica And One Of His Oldest Friends Chandler Bing To Play The 2 Leading Rolls In His New Movie What Will Happen? F.R.I.E.N.D.S COMPLETED!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bing
    14.8K 398 28

    Monica and Chandler are teachers at Lincoln High. They are both single and it's their students that try to get them together. But there is one student in particular that has Chandler focused on more than a relationship.

  • One in a Hundred- A Monica and chandler story
    16.3K 292 18

    Monica and chandler are living happy with there two, three year old adopted twins, Jack and Erica. in the past being told they had a one in a hundred chance in falling pregnant, Monica surprisingly falls pregnant. But being told there is a slight chance of a miscarage they decide to keep the baby news from there frien...

  • Saving her
    3.5K 66 19

    Monica's 18, just out of High School and has a slight underage drinking problem (and she's not fat) and Chandler's 19 and has dropped out of college to run away and live on the road. What happens when Monica goes with him? (I'm so bad at summaries) Warning: Language which may be considered offensive. Violence, drugs...

  • Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A Mahirat fanfiction)
    34.3K 3.3K 51

    "I will find a way to mend my broken soul and i won't need you anymore I will tear down the walls find a light to get me home." He is happy and strong for the world but deep inside he is broken. Broken so badly that he can't be fixed by anything but love, care and support. The day that was meant to be one of the most...

  • SS : Intezaar
    4.3K 365 8

    Life takes a turn.. when someone knocks down the closed door of your heart... and gives a new meaning to your life, puts an end to your never ending.... Intezaar.

    Completed   Mature
    9.8K 512 3

    Have you ever wondered why women act weird sometimes? What makes them act that way? What if kushi acts that way? ok I know kushi acts weird at all times but ... I mean it in different way ;) oh stop wasting time and PRESS CONTINUE READING already!!!

    Completed   Mature
  • sharica ff secret love
    12.8K 667 17

    this is a sharica story and its going to be awesome and so have fun reading this book this will make people desparte and smile

  • I Will Bring You Back
    34.9K 4.7K 35

    This is a story of renowned psycologist Dr.Devrath Dixit...and a rape victim Ms.Sonakshi Bose... Devrath Dixit is a passionate doctor with no nonsense attitude...he treats his patients with all his might and is successful in healing all his patients till date... He had a bitter past...which is enclosed deep down in hi...

  • Arranged In Love!
    32.4K 2.3K 32

    What would have happened if our beloved couple, Ms. Sonakshi Bose and Mr. Dev Dixit, a.k.a. 'DevAkshi', would not have met the way they did on the show (Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi)!? What would have happened if instead, they would have met through their families; who happen to know each other through a mutual friend;...

    Completed   Mature
  • HIS LITTLE BRIDE- a manan story
    40.7K 2.9K 15

    Manik Malhotra is an upcoming business tycoon and head trusty of SPACE ACADEMY school n college. In this world full of bad he have curved himself into a monster. Relationships are not his style...give n take with his so called mom Neonika have absolutely faltered his view on love, n relationships. His best friend Cab...

  • MINE - A Devakshi OS
    3.6K 435 4

    Sonakshi Bose, a young business woman, who knew nothing but money. According to her, the word love is only meant for materialistic things. What happens when she comes to know about the man who gave his life for his love? What happens when her fascination to collect unique things turned her life upside down? What happe...

  • A Day in Heaven
    352 24 2

    The Pandavas and Kauravas enjoy a day in heaven

  • A Time to Change
    2.2K 120 17

    It was a time of upheavals, of changes, of new beginnings, but not for all....