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  • The Hijabi's Insane Lover
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    Alhamdulilah!!! Highest ranking #13 on 20/7/17 Regret ... Is the only thing I can do right now . I can never think of hurting someone. Especially whom I love the most. But I think she is broken. It's all because of me . She was crying so hard. My heart clenched at the sight and I couldn't even do anything. _________...

  • Muslimah in love
    2.8M 119K 32

    ''Marriage isn't easy especially when it's arranged and you hardly know the guy.'' 23-year-old Zara, a modest and virtuous Muslimah, has finally accepted a marriage proposal and is ready to share her life and love with her husband. But what happens when he is broody, stiff and ignores her most of the time? Is it pos...

  • Till My Heart Beats
    1.5K 288 12

    Mistakes are something you learn from but what happens when you are in love with your greatest mistake? Or when you realise your love was nothing but poison to that "someone". But Lord gives you chances.....chances that you could'd never ever dreamed of. So here was the chance for Faris to gain his Falak

  • IN MY QADR (Wattys2016)
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    Parents. One word that is really important to us. One relation that bought us into the world, helped us become the person we are today what happens when you lose them, become an orphan and a guardian to your 3 younger siblings?

  • Good? Great.
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    My mom tells me to never think about it but how can I not when it's right there infront of me. My dad tells me to forget about it but how can I when it's a part of me. My brother calls it cool and my sister says let it be. They only start understanding though is when their chosen husbands for me...never reply back. U...

  • The Truth Will Set You Free
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    What is the Truth? People have been asking the same question over and over again. Aliens have been sending message about the truth with crop circles. The Emerald Tablet talks about it too and some other holy scriptures. They keep mentioning the same thing, water of life, the tree of life, light and dark, the counterpa...

  • The True Purpose Of Life
    3.9K 443 32

    Discovering The Truth. We are definitely here on this planet for a reason. It is certainly a shame upon the human intellect when man is not even interested in finding out what the truth is about his existence. God has given us the FACULTY OF REASON. Man is supposed to reason things out objectively and systematically f...

  • Diamonds & Pearls
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    Daleela is fifteen, hormonal, and all around your average teenage Muslim girl. Well, you know, if being a Muslim girl in America is what you call average to start with. She has a quick temper, an overly soft heart, and to add to that she's constantly fighting to do the right thing. But what happens when choosing to do...