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  • Keeper - Forever #4 (Sample of Published Book)
    9.4K 376 11

    Bay Lawson is only seventeen years old but she has already learned that life can be cruel. In a pack where everyone knows his or her place, she feels lost. From the first time Bay met Flynn Cruz, she feels an attraction she can't explain. It doesn't matter that he is the enemy. After a confrontation where Flynn makes...

  • Loving Taylor - Loving Bad #4 (Sample Of Published Book)
    56.4K 2.2K 11

    The only rules I live by are my own. I never offer a girl more than one night. I never sleep with the same girl twice. And I never sleep with virgins. But when I meet Taylor Price, I will break every rule to have her. Loving Bad was Taylor's story. This is Sin's.

  • Breaking Matt - Loving Bad #3 (Sample of Published Book)
    40.3K 1.2K 11

    Sarah Reynolds doesn't believe in love. To her the myth of love belongs in fairy tale stories for little girls. She knows sex and money make the world go round. Matthew Weiss is a tough bodyguard who isn't interested in meeting the right girl. He is dedicated to keeping his next mark safe from a very dangerous person...

  • Destined - Forever #3 (Sample of published book)
    35K 1K 12

    Crystal Adams had a teenage crush on Kyle Jensen. It turned to love the day she realized he was her mate. But before she could tell him, she discovered something that would change everything. She is hiding a secret that will endanger him. To protect him, she made the hard decision to leave his pack. But destiny doesn'...

  • Mason - Archaic #4 (Sample of Published Book)
    540K 28.8K 51

    There is a darkness that lurks inside of me. The evil that runs through my veins is a constant reminder of the ruthless killer I once was. But somehow I've been changed. I'm not that person anymore. Unlike before, I can feel remorse for my actions even though guilt doesn't erase the past that still haunts me. I've b...

  • Surviving Slater - Loving Bad #2 (Sample of Published Book)
    60.7K 1.9K 11

    Jordan Ross is not a good girl. Growing up with a dark secret has toughened her up. She doesn't trust easily. Slater Graves is a bad boy living day to day. Haunted by a childhood event, he is stuck in a hellish limbo, unable to move forward. When they meet, their attraction is intense and irresistible. Impossible to f...

  • Descendant - Archaic #3 (Sample of Published Book)
    764K 40.1K 51

    She'd survived change. She'd survived heartbreak. Now she has to survive one more fight for survival. Ava Delaney was normal once upon a time, but then she met a boy and she fell in love. Then she kept his secret and fell into his world. She became one of them. And now... now it's time to face the evil that's coming f...

  • Hue - Archaic #2 (Sample of Published Book)
    859K 45.7K 50

    You know her name. You know her story. You know her secret. She isn't like any other girl, not anymore. Jared Walker complicated everything; he told her his secret, stole her heart and showed her a whole new world. She knew then that she'd never be the same again. Ava Delaney is no longer human - she doesn't know what...

  • Fated - Forever #2 (Sample of published book)
    7.3M 299K 59

    Seventeen-year-old Keri Edwards has led a hard life. She is the daughter of the most ruthless Alpha in the territory. In the shadow of cruelty, he molded her to follow in his footsteps. Her father's unexpected death has freed her and made her the Alpha of a powerful pack. Forced to lie and deceive the people closest t...

  • Archaic - Archaic #1
    1.7M 85K 50

    Ava is a typical seventeen-year-old dealing with everyday teenage problems. A job opportunity for her father takes her parents overseas. Not wanting to move, she accepts her grandmother's offer to let her live with her, until her parents return. On her first day at school in the new town, she meets Jared Walker-tall...

  • Haven's Knight (Sample of Published Book)
    6.8M 245K 75

    When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales. I believed in princes and princesses and knights in shining armor. I believed in forever and happily ever afters. I was ten when reality hit me. My mom brought the evil home with her and there was no escaping it. That's when I learned that fairy tales were just tha...

  • Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample of Published Book)
    24M 599K 64

    The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor Price than the fact she has always followed the rules and done what she was told? Their pasts haunt them. Sin is trying to break free from his dark past while Ta...

  • Alpha - Forever #1 (Sample of Published Book)
    32.1M 857K 62

    Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Hayes is living her life by her own rules. Losing her parents at a young age has made her strong and fiercely independent. She knows exactly who she is and nothing is going to change that. Everything starts to change for her when she moves to a new town. She meets Cade Presley. He is domin...