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  • Stiles new friend
    73.8K 2K 12

    Scott and the pack start to ignore Stiles after the incident with the Nogitsune. Stiles is in his room sobbing when Jackson runs in. Jackson reveals his true feelings for Stiles and makes Stiles understand that Allison's death was not his fault. Jackson and Stiles come back a month later and the pack is shocked...

  • The War of Ares (manxman) (boxyboy)
    57.9K 2.2K 16

    Ares is at war. Koa is on the run. As the oldest son of the Southern King, he should be second in line for the throne. But when his brother kills their father and attacks him, he is forced to run. He knows what he is supposed to do, but will he be able to do it? And what will happen when he meets the Northern Prince...

  • Restless In Hiding (Boyxboyxboy)
    256K 12.4K 25

    In the realm of the human world, there has been arising suspicion of the authenticity of mythical creatures that have been told through a variety of myths for centuries. All supernatural races have been concealing themselves from the humans, to prevent yet another catastrophe that took place three years ago. Elian O'M...