• The Tourmaline
    189K 5.5K

    Shivawn, Prince of Vileria, is tired of the way he’s being smothered in his Kingdom and leaves home every day to a magic waterfall, to be free, to be someone e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Creatures Of The Night (BoyxBoy) *Sequel to 'The Nerd's A Vampire'*
    2.1K 30

    *Sequel to the nerds a vampire* Set back in the 1900's, Samuel Johnson is questioning his sexuality. There's no way that anyone would still love him if he was...

  • A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy)
    1.3M 49K

    When a master class vampire decides he wants a certain marine by his side then nothing; not even that marine's own hatred of what he is will stop him from maki...

  • The Vegetarian Vampire? *Coming Soon*
    402 8

    The names Patrick, Patrick Gallen. I was just a ordinary, quiet and loner type kinda boy living in my little hick town Anne-Marie. I was either a nobody or the...

  • The Vampire's Requiem II [malexmale]
    492K 22.2K

    After the events in the Sweet Trilogy, Newell finds himself in a new world of trouble as he seeks out the witch from his dreams in order to gain back everythin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fitzgerald Brothers (BoyxBoyxBoy)
    366K 6.5K

    Bentley Reece wasn't an average guy, he had a special ability and while he didn't believe himself to be anything special in general besides his ability...The F...

  • Just Be Mine (BoyxBoy)
    503K 11.1K

    Pierce's parents were killed by a clan of vampires when he was younger. He tries to forget about that sick night and continue his life as if it were normal. Ke...

    Completed   Mature
  • Biting Jasper
    3M 48.4K

    An ordinary life turned upside down as Adam comes back to a small town in Virginia. Jasper is just trying to live life despite his secret, but as it turns out...

  • I'm A Boy Who Likes A Boy BxB (Book '2' In The Series 'MATES')
    28.9K 349

    Hi, my name's Wade. I'm openly gay and proud. I have a crush on this dude named Alex, but he doesn't even look at me. I've tried so hard and cried so many tear...

  • Sweet Surrender || Larry stylinson mpreg [ Book 3 ]
    65.2K 1.8K

    Book 3 of the Sweetest Sin Series After reuniting with his family and escaping the claws of the Triad, Harry thought he can finally have that happy ending wi...

    Completed   Mature