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  • The Tourmaline
    272K 9.4K 12

    Shivawn, Prince of Vileria, is tired of the way he's being smothered in his Kingdom and leaves home every day to a magic waterfall, to be free, to be someone else - to be him. Darius, Prince of Adromena, is more of a rebel and leaves home just to spite his family but then he mistakenly stumbles upon Shivawn and hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Creatures Of The Night (BoyxBoy) *Sequel to 'The Nerd's A Vampire'*
    2.3K 38 1

    *Sequel to the nerds a vampire* Set back in the 1900's, Samuel Johnson is questioning his sexuality. There's no way that anyone would still love him if he was to tell anyone but how can you keep something like this a secret for your whole life, especially when you're already promised to a woman. Sam thought that was t...

  • A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy)
    2.1M 82.1K 61

    When a master class vampire decides he wants a certain marine by his side then nothing; not even that marine's own hatred of what he is will stop him from making him his Cover by; AuthorJJones

  • The Vampire's Requiem II [malexmale]
    751K 33.7K 48

    After the events in the Sweet Trilogy, Newell finds himself in a new world of trouble as he seeks out the witch from his dreams in order to gain back everything he's lost. In the process, he's forced to take care of a neurotic demon and a merman and the feelings he has for said merman. [Warning: Contains adult themes...

    Completed   Mature
  • Biting Jasper
    3.3M 61.9K 42

    An ordinary life turned upside down as Adam comes back to a small town in Virginia. Jasper is just trying to live life despite his secret, but as it turns out, they both have a dark secret that makes them unique. The opposites collide, turning something pure evil into love and lust. These two individuals become someth...

  • I'm A Boy Who Likes A Boy BxB (Book '2' In The Series 'MATES')
    31.5K 454 16

    Hi, my name's Wade. I'm openly gay and proud. I have a crush on this dude named Alex, but he doesn't even look at me. I've tried so hard and cried so many tears. Love's complicated. Love hurts. I've dream about Alex and I becoming a couple. But dreams are nothing without work and determination. I've made it a personal...

  • Sweet Surrender || Larry stylinson mpreg [ Book 3 ]
    80K 2.4K 19

    Book 3 of the Sweetest Sin Series After reuniting with his family and escaping the claws of the Triad, Harry thought he can finally have that happy ending with Louis and their twins, Mika and Skylar. But their story is far from over. Will they be able to hide the hybrid twins from The Triad forever? And what happens...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee
    183K 3.6K 20

    ADVENTURE TIME!! Prince Gumball is hesitant towards Marshall Lee because he hasn't decided on his feelings. Marshall is ready to take this shiz to the next level. But- the only problem is Fionna and the Ice Queen. Will they last? What will happen? Read on to figure it out! WARNING- boy/boy and may contain mpreg

  • Love is war (boyxboy)
    5K 38 7

    Hi, hey, howdy, hallo, I am Stefan (don’t say oh-em-gee that’s that one guy from that one show with the vampires) I am 17 years old and a senior at P-L-B high school. I am basically your average teenage boy except from one thing, When I was born I was cursed by a crazy lady who likes to be called a ‘witch’. W...

  • The Sorcerer's Lullaby [boyxboy]
    570K 21.5K 17

    Luka Strykyrius knows what was, what is, and what will be. He can make mops dance, knives twirl, flowers bloom, and give people immortality. Of course, everything he does comes with a price and it seems the Fates are charging him interest. With life nothing, but a chore, Luka finds himself being chased by more than ju...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stuck in Twilight [Jacob & Edward]
    39.9K 1.3K 25

    Warning: Parodies all up in this biz-nitch, mpreg, cursing, death, and consensual sex. Edward Cullen has found a new muse to base all of his attention on and slips into someone else's bedroom without bothering to bother with informing his awaiting and deeply in-love human. What happens when this new muse - Jacob Black...

  • A touch of the night and a good nights romance (gxb, bxb, gxg & vampires)
    16.1K 296 30

    It starts a new guy in Annie's and Aaron's school. A guy with dark secrets. When he comes everything changes and things starts to happen, bad things. Dead bodies, a lot of blood and a lot of supernatural creatures are discovered. THIS IS BOTH A GXB AND A BXB AND A GXG BOOK, if you don't like it; don't read it ps...

  • Bonded
    36.6K 100 25

    ***Getting Published - Removing Everything but an Excerpt!*** Alec Whitehall is old-fashioned—literally. Approaching his 123rd birthday, the steely vampire has nothing better to do with his time except to investigate and hunt murderous vampires as a means of regaining some sense of his withering humanity. While traili...

    Completed   Mature
  • St. Salvatore's Academy for Boys II: Lapsis [boyxboy]
    38.2K 771 2

    It's a new adventure at St. Salvatore's Academy, and Zeke hopes to smooth the year out by spending that time with his boyfriend, Matthew. Unfortunately, it would seem Matty still doesn't trust Zeke. And to make matters worse, a new student arrives at the school, but with a dark agenda that might just plunge the boys i...

  • The Nerd's a vampire? (BoyxBoy) *Complete*
    613K 23.2K 25

    16 year old Samuel, Sam, Johnson, was turned into a vampire in 1913. Now the year is 2013, his family is dead, and everything he knew is different. He killed people for 100 years before he decided that what he was doing was wrong. So now he switches from town to town, pretending to be different every time. 100 years l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hunting Vampires (HT3)
    52.9K 1.6K 20

    Michevy's life is nowhere near fixed. His love life is still a mess and his family is even worse. Between the sister who's missing, the ex brother who's been kidnapped, and the boys waiting for him back home, Chevy is weary. And to make matters worse, Halen is still up to all his old games. Join your favorite characte...

  • Sweet Death [boyxboy]
    326K 16.4K 31

    It's the final count down. Julian and Adam have had it with Zephyra toying with their lives. The hunt is on as they gather their resources and weapons to hunt down the most dangerous terrorist organization in the known world. [Warning: Contains adult themes]

    Completed   Mature
  • Incubus [malexmale]
    1.3M 55.4K 46

    "A dog could only be kicked so many times before it became vicious." And Alexius has become just what he was supposed to. In the realm of incubi and succubi, cambions are the lowest of the low, petty halflings. Alexius is tired of trying to fight the rumors against him, so what better way to get back at everyone than...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dreaming Reality
    17.5K 569 3

    Having the same dream about a certain man every night might be a little, or maybe a lot, unnerving to someone, but not to Flinn Matthews. So to speak, that was what completed his day. So when the man of his dreams finally decided to meet him in person, face to face, outside Dreamland, what would be the consequences? E...

  • Blood Red Roses
    25.7K 654 23

    This will be BOYXBOY. If you dont like that kind of stuff then just dont read it. Aiden Spencers always seemed like a normal 16 year old on the outside but on the inside he was dying. When he was 13 he lost both of his parents and has been living with his older brother ever since. On top of that Aiden is also a mute a...

    131 6 1

  • Bittersweet || Larry Stylinson mpreg [ Book 2 ]
    116K 3.3K 20

    Book 2 of the Sweetest Sin Series Harry and Louis is no ordinary couple. Harry is a pureblood vampire from a well-known family and Louis is a werewolf and he has, well had the ability to conceive. After the lost of their first born, and Louis becoming infertile, they were devastated. Hearts still mending on the lost o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweetest Sin || Larry Stylinson Mpreg [Book 1]
    200K 7.3K 19

    before you read this : be mindful that this series was written when i was a fookin carrot ( arent we all at one point? ) Book 1 of the Sweetest Sin Series Louis Tomlinson knew he was somehow different from any of the other werewolves. His parents are keeping a secret that could change his life. Harry Styles was born...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alway's You (boyxboy)
    27.5K 531 8

    Bella Swan has survived everything that no normal person could even think about. but when a car crash causes her to loose her life what will happen with her best friend and the man she loves? Jacob Black's a werewolf his best friend just died and now he feels more alone than ever. all he needs is friendship, but what...

  • Immortal Love (boyxboy)
    5.9K 304 10

    (Book two to Wizard love) Kyi and Daylon have decided to go to mortal school instead of magic school. As soon as Kyi steps into the school, he realizes that most of the "mortal" students, are actually monsters. Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and demons! They just stepped into a potential war zone. Will these mo...

  • Sometimes Sometimes Happens (boyxboy, Mpreg, JusZayn love story)
    23.2K 299 9

    Justin's a closet gay and doesn't know how to come out, he meets Queeny and Milo who try to help him but can't help him. Who would have known going with Selena to London for a One Direction concert could change someones life so dramatically. When Justin sees Zayn he cant help but be lost in his golden brown eyes and Z...

  • Our Total Submission (Vampire, manxman)**Vamps Book 2**
    1.3M 36.1K 18

    *This is a spin off from Rescue Me.* Ahron and Ayden are Vampire twins. Just adorably little and cute. Their world is blown apart when their extremely protective parents are killed in a tragic accident. They are lost but not alone as they travel across the Atlantic Ocean from London, England from the only home they ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's Got A Dirty LITTLE Secret (BoyxBoy)
    593K 16K 23

    Never had I thought I would be the mate of the strongest alpha in the world and don’t think anyone else did either. I mean I was just your average kid okay maybe not that average, I was a werewolf. But no one expected the Dirty LITTLE Secret our alpha kept hidden under lock and key where only his mate that would be me...

  • Rescue Me (Vampire BoyxBoy)**Vamps Book 1**
    1.7M 56.2K 23

    Dimitri was a vampire hundreds of years old. He survived two mates and he was not sure if he wanted to take another, that is until a innocent trip to a bookstore and he encountered Caleb. He was shocked to the marrow of his bones when he caught the scent of the shy young man and realized the boy was his mate. Wait. Wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bitten (Vampire boyxboy story)
    12.5K 227 2

    Angel Anderson is just a normal 14 year old teenage boy with a normal life with normal parents and a normal friend...or so he thinks. All that changes and now Angel must decide on his normal life or the life of a vampire.