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  • Finn Wolfhard imagine |neighbors|
    107K 2.2K 60

    What happens when you move next door to a cute boy named Finn Wolfhard? Romance, adventures, drama all in one!

  • Adopted by Luke hemmings
    54.6K 1.3K 29

    "What's your name love?" "Julie" "how old are you?" I held up three fingers. "Your three?" I just nodded. "Pack your bag we will adopt you" I'm Julie a three year old girl in Anna's orphanage for little boys and girls How will Julie's life be with the boys? How will she deal with the fans? And most of all what is he...

  • Daughter Of Poseidon book 1 {discontinued until further notice :( }
    31.2K 736 22

    My name is Alexis Rose Jackson, full sister of Percy Jackson or at least I've heard. I've never met him I've just heard his name a couple time from my mom. My friends like to call me Alex. Let's just say I'm not your normal teenager. I'm a demigod which is your father or mother is one of the gods and you live with you...

  • Percy Jackson and the long lost sister
    44.7K 1.1K 27

    Percy goes on an adventure with Grover and Annabeth, to find Percy's long lost sister...Crystal. Not a normal person... "I'm you long lost sister?" She asked. "I'm scared Percy, someone could find out." She said. "You need to see who is worthy of you telling them hidden secrets" he said. Ever since she stepped in that...

  • I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic
    34.5K 1K 42

    Young girl with a name and a past, that's all they know and that's all she'll tell. She's scared, strong and all alone in this world. Not for long though, perhaps she's found her true home after all. The sequel is up and ready to read. (Slow Editing). Mostly Quintis, little bits of Waige, and Ralph will be shipped wit...

  • Adopted by Walter O'Brien
    38.5K 1.1K 20

    Cassandra is an orphan with brown hair and brown eyes. But she's special because even though she is only 10 she has an IQ of 190 and an EQ of 160. ------ Walter O'Brien the man with an IQ of 197. When he adopts Cassandra he discovers how smart she really is. What will the team think?

  • Night Train (A Quintis fanfic)
    3.7K 114 14

    So this was rewritten from the first time I wrote this. If you read it before now I suggest rereading the full story. Thx! Scorpion has another assignment. It doesn't seem like that hard of a mission, but little do they know... By the way I don't own anyone mentioned in this story, CBS does.

  • Happy Ending
    6.9K 187 13

    An alternate ending for season 2 episode 10, Arrivals and Departures.

  • One Step at a Time: A Scorpion Fanfic
    5.7K 118 5

    They saved and had provide protection for her. For a service like that almost nothing can be as valuable as their services. Except her input. They say nothing. They express their feelings momentarily to others. Though the feelings are never clearly declared. But with all of the walls and shields they all put up, T...

  • Travlyn: The Hard Couple by ThatCutieKitten
    7K 263 7

    Take a journey through the lives of Travis and Katelyn, and after they started dating! This is a completely separate story and might contribute to the Aarmau story. Enjoy!

  • Percy's little sister
    29.1K 728 16

    What adventures await when percy meets his sister, andie? Join percy and andie as they go through the joys of demigod siblings and crazy cousins. SLOW UPDATES!!

  • Funny teenage posts! (COMPLETED!)
    29.2K 3.1K 118

    Here are some really funny teenage posts for y'all. :) Note: these will not be mine. :) COMPLETED ON 1st OF FEBRUARY 2016!

  • Reaching for the stars (A MinecraftUniverse Fanfic)
    31K 652 27

    Autumn Bridges lived a normal life with her brother, Adam(AKA SkyDoesMinecraft). She never believed in love after a breakup. She wouldn't let anyone else in, only her brother. But what happens when someone is able to break down her walls? Will she believe in love? Hope you enjoy Reaching For The Stars! (Cover by @cec_...

  • Bullied by Team Crafted
    42.3K 1.3K 35

    April is the twin of Adam Daulhberg both 18 years old (along with all of Team Crafted) is bullied and abused by them everyday. April lives in a mansion with her best friend May. She has some tricks up her sleeve though, she is a famous singing prodigy along with a millionaire because of her work. So what happens when...

  • New Life - Adopted by skydoesminecraft (old)
    3.1K 107 15

    "Life is weird. Sometimes, things get so bad that you can barely breathe, and other times it's too easy. I know, because I've been dealt both hands and somehow ended up winning."

  • Babied Abused ~ Bratayley Fanfiction
    2.7K 108 4

    Credit to: @Shaytardian and @misswritertard for the idea! Annie and Hayley are both 11 year olds. Hayley has been babied her whole life. Annie has been abused her whole life. One day, in the forest, something happens. Ik I make to many fanfictions I♥Writing

  • Josh Matthews Love Story
    114K 2.2K 17

    Josh Matthews Love Story

  • !!!!!ON HOLD!!!!! Adopted by skydoesminecraft
    15.1K 358 84

    Brennan is a 11 year old boy who has always been a fan of skydoesminecraft. What will happen after he gets adopted by him and gets ancient power from (well you will just have to read to find out)

  • Percabeth at 21
    66.9K 1.3K 28

    Percabeth at 21 is about Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's story past the teen years. No dirty. A little bit of language. Percabeth in my opinion isn't about the dirty stuff. It's about how their love shines through everything. It brings sunshine to Tartarus. Okay enough rambling now read. : )

  • zodiac signs ❥
    41.4K 1.5K 140

    zodiac signs ❥ l.p.

  • ~A Rossome Love Story~ House_Owner X Reader {Completed!}
    53.2K 1.6K 22

    You are a normal 18 year old girl with a big brother named Adam (Skydoesminecraft). You go to Seattle to pursue your dream to become a famous YouTuber like your older brother. You never knew that you might find your true love as well... (Sorry, I'm bad at descriptions xD)

  • Summer Camp: A Brannie Story
    12.2K 235 6

    Annie and Katie go to Woodward camp for gymnastics...but Brennan tags along to go for swimming. Could summer camp turn into lover camp or bummer camp?!

  • he said forever
    27.2K 882 51

    Zoe and Caleb were the best of friends, they played almost every day and we're always happy playing together. Just a few days before the first day of kindergarten Caleb and his family moved away to New Jersey, Zoe was devastated, however eventually she got over it and made new friends and mostly forgot about Caleb. Ni...

  • I was adopted by... who?! (A Team Crafted fan fiction)
    687K 17.3K 79

    Max. She was, alone. Or at least, she had always thought she was. She had always thought, she'd be alone forever. Until, a group of friends come and make her feel at home. For once. --------- Warning: Mentions of sexual assault/rape, swearing, NSFW content, etc. This was written when I wasn't that good at writing. I h...

  • Jerome's...SISTER?! (A BajanCanadian and JeromeASF fanfic) (Will be rewritten!)
    18.7K 509 21

    Selene Summers was just a young ordinary girl on Earth. She loved the videos of Team crafted. She loved to play Minecraft. She is 17. She has flashbacks about a kingdom and people since she and her best friend Winter finished recording. Wait-WHAT?! Selene was no ordinary girl until she found both of them! ©Gurlbajan...

  • Taking Chances : A Zanessa Story
    29.7K 844 20

    After filming the third High School Musical Zac and Vanessa finally decide to start dating after years of having feeling for each other. But they are trying not to let the tabloids and press find out just yet so they are being as secretive as possible! But then something happens that wasn't on either of their radars...

  • My Red Dino [RedVacktor X Reader]
    34.7K 978 12

    {Cover Drawn By Me} Y/N L/N is invited to SkyMedia after an unexpected turn of events. She is ecstatic! As Y/N works there, one optimistic Dino poser (I love how I refer to him as a "optimistic Dino poser"!) with a positive attitude starts to fall in love with her. The important question is though: Will she...

  • Team Crafted, My Light; Team crafted fanfic
    6.6K 147 10

    Hiya, welcome to my really hard life of sad and joyful moments. My life is not the typical 7th grade girl life of sleepovers and parties. As a matter of fact I have only a couple friends, who don't even care about me. I'm Kylie a 13 year old girl who wishes her life was better. My parents are divorced and my Mom does...

  • The Love of My Life (Bajan Canadian Fan fic)
    47.3K 949 46

    Lexi is Adam's adopted little sister who has a crush on Mitch/Bajancanadian she wishes that one day he'll like her back but when he does what craziness is going to happen? Will they stay together! Will they break up! I don't know? Ready the book!