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  • Looking For Clace
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    It's been fourteen years Sense Clary and Jace have broken up. Clary has had to raise her child and still be a shadow hunter. When Clary's daughter sets out to find Jace, the family is reunited. Will this be a happily ever after for this family? I do not own the mortal instruments, the wonderful Cassandra Clare does.

  • Insane Things To Do If You Become A Shadowhunter.
    95K 4.9K 21

    A/N: [COMPLETE!!!] A list of things to do if I ever became a Shadowhunter!!! That's on the top of my Xmas list: To become a Shadowhunter. XD anyway enjoy.

  • Missing or dead?
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    One of the mortal instrument characters go missing and the rest that try find that character think he/she's dead until clary has hope and decides to go alone but can she survive saving her friend, you never know if someone will finally stand up a say something.

  • Clarissa Adele Fairchild Morgenstern, the shadowhunter (TMI Fanfic)
    53.3K 1.3K 27

    I was born in New York, kidnapped by my own father at age 5, and raised in Idris. My mother never bothered to find me after my father kidnapped me. He trained me to not be one of the best, but be the best shadowhunter. I hate my father for all he's done to me. I am now 16 and I plan to escape. Nothing will stop me and...

  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Past Ghosts (Book 1)
    439K 12.1K 44

    Clary is pronounced dead by the Clave, leaving Jace heartbroken and never the same. But when Jace saves a mundane that isn't a mundane at all and bares great resemblance to his dead Clary (not to mention the same name), questions and the past ghosts are raised, once again making him question the Clave. But convinced...

  • TMI (truth or dare)& one shots
    37.8K 846 26

    Read the title , TMI truth or dare let the games begin!

  • Heart broken
    51 3 4

    A teenage girl finds out more than she new about herself but discovered more dangers towards her past her present and her future!certain people die but is it up to her to save her sister or to get killed while doing so!Do you think she can save her sister in time or face an army of herself?A decision is made but is t...

  • The black whole(TMI)
    433 5 8

    A war is set for the true evils advantage , Clary is in a war between the evil and her friends. Her power has more than enough to show no mercy. She finds out more about her powers! Clary can only believe that the war will destroy as she is the key to their survival...

  • Cross me down, make a list
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    There are dangers in the streets of New York.It is up to 6 teenagers to kill one of three gangs but which one has been doing more killing and which one of the members are the closest to getting killed