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  • Alpha Human
    354 14 4

    Near a city of America, a pack of werewolves resides unknown to the humans. Dark Flame Pack, the strongest pack in the country, is friendly with almost all the other packs, but is ruthless to their enemies. The members of the pack are not only satisfied with their werewolf environment, but also move amidst the humans...

  • My Knights In Armani!!!!
    255K 5.9K 11

    Single? check Young? check Curvy? check So why doesn't Tessa Smith have a man or more importantly, the men she's lusting after? Join her on her journey of romance, laughter, tears, jealousy, seduction, and a lot of sex to discover if it could be more than lust.

  • Kiss me Not
    61.4K 1K 8

    R rated/Mature/18+ only Kierra didn't do relationships. Flings, yes. One night stands yes. Flirt with a stranger all night and then leave, double yes. So when her new room-mate seems to have just climbed his way from hell, more sinful than Satan himself. She struggled to keep her hands to herself. The rule was pretty...

  • Alexander
    166K 7.6K 6

    Isabelle Montgomery isn't too pleased when her mother and her new step dad, Steve, decide to move to his hometown, Lykos Falls, a dainty little town God knows where in Washington. But Lykos Falls isn't what she expected it to be. This town has a secret, one they're to willing to share with her; the whole town's popul...

  • Captivated
    4.1K 177 11

    A "Hooked" Novel At the moment Ethan Hartley sets his eyes on the wild vampire, he knows his life is ruined. Vienna can only remember exactly six months of her life. After waking up in the dark, she's known nothing but what her maker, William, forces into her mind. Her entire existence is based on his whims, and she...