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  • The BiPolar Project
    68 3 18

    What do you think of when you hear some one say, "That Person's BiPolar." Is it just mood swings? A serial killer in the making? This fictional story shows a different perspective to the disorder than what the media shows us. When they were children, Jake Flier and Makenzie Dahl got shipped off to a Low Security Pris...

  • Try And Escape *Completed Story*
    336 18 12

    Five young adults from the same area die from similar causes and all end up in the same place, Hell. The Sins they have committed are minor, but they're enough to get them into the Eternal Shit House. The Devil comes to each of them in many forms and hands them each individual tasks they must perform to see where they...

  • Love You Through It
    201 14 7

    This book isn't close to being done. Just wanted to get opinions on it. Names are tentative.... Love You Through It is about loyalty to the people you love. It is also a NASCAR related book. The characters in this book are fictional but some one the locations such as race tracks and the cities they are in are real...

  • Seeing Is Believing
    10 2 8

    Supernatural fan fiction Highly inaccurate Alternate Universe SPN Fan Fiction I should say... I started writing this before I was caught up on Supernatural and I saw a "spoiler" on Tumblr that inspired this. I was going to stop writing this but I loved where the story was headed and I kept it. Plus I'm in a competiti...

  • Dumpster Diver
    79 4 12

    24 hours. That's all it took for the virus to spread in Colette's tiny town. One bite and all Hell broke loose. Too new for a cure. No survivors. Find a cure or kill yourself to save yourself. Or get bit and become part of the epidemic. Dedicated to Breiana and Emery! <3 I didn't pay any attention to anything Zomb...

  • One Last House, One Last Person. (Completed)
    124 0 5

    On a High School field trip there is an accident, Katrina gets seperated from her classmates to go find help. The person who helps her is not what she expected. For some reason a year ago kids at her school started disappearing, they all had one thing in common: They were popular. Katrina gets caught up in the dark tw...

  • Do-Over (Completed)
    14 2 6

    What if you could fix what was broken in past relationships? Friends, family, exes. Main character Mindy gets the chance of a life time to go back in time and fix all of her wrongs. Chick-Lit mixed with Sci-Fi. Thank You, my BEST FRIEND since first grade, Ashley for reading this and giving it the "Ashley Approval!" T...