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  • cry little sister | alan frog
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    "I love you, idiot." It's been a few years since Sam and Michael Emerson moved to Santa Carla with their mum, Lucy. Sam's been noticing some unusual behaviour from his friend, Alan Frog. Why is Alan acting so weirdly? Where has his brother, Edgar gone? And does this new, mysterious girl in town have anything to do wit...

  • diamonds | river phoenix
    90.9K 3K 33

    "But all good things have to come to an end, right?" 6 years ago they thought they'd never see each other again. 6 years later they realised they were wrong. She was a girl who knew where she was going. He was a boy who didn't.

  • hearts bled | wil wheaton [discontinued]
    1.3K 156 7

    Poet (pronounced poh-ey) was a little deaf girl. Unable to speak, she was trapped in a world of her own thoughts and emotions. No one understood her, and she never understood anyone else. No one ever bothered to try to understand her. Not at least, until Wil came.

  • The 80s, 90s, 00s and me
    861 95 24

    Rants, fangasms, and fanfiction ideas/possibilities about my three favourite decades

  • Zombie Fieldtrip
    161K 7.4K 44

    four quirky best friend + three seemingly useless (but cute) boys + the most popular guy in school turned zombie + a stoner found hiding in a cupboard = a surprisingly efficient rat-tag group of zombie slayers on their way up the east coast of australia to their safe haven. Some of them may have biceps for brains, but...

  • detention // river phoenix // au
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  • My Best Friend- Gordie Lachance- stand by me
    7.4K 139 24

    Thank you Chris chambers

  • 80s Movie Imagines
    112K 1.9K 21

    Tons of imagines from famous 80s and 90s movies and actors. Updated daily for all 80s and 90s movie fans!

  • art :: c.h
    42K 2.4K 24

    "those drawings weren't meant for your eyes." -- corey haim fanfiction

  • If Stand by Me Characters Had Facebook
    16.9K 964 15

    Dedicated to the one and only @tobleedgrease What if the Stand by Me characters had Facebook? Hm... let's find out. (I have permissions from @tobleedgrease to do this) Requested by: @tobleedgrease

  • 80s Imagines
    9.4K 131 7

    Doing Imagines, scenarios and stories in here. Comment if you want a personal one done!

  • 80s Imagines
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    Just a bunch of 80s Imagines.

  • Agony ☾Stilinski
    245K 9.9K 26

    "Sometimes it's just pain. Others, it's agony." ● ● ● Rowan Sinclair had her life all planned out. Class president, graduate with perfect grades, go to college and study medicine. Get into a good career, fall in love and start a family when she's ready. Simple. Easy. But when her name shows up on a supernatural dead...

  • Stiles Stilinski IMAGINES
    984K 28.6K 85

    Basically just imagines for Stiles that I made up. I love Teen Wolf and obviously I don't own Teen Wolf, it of course belongs to the lovely Jeff Davis, if it belonged to me Stydia would have happened a while ago. There might be spoilers also! Enjoy! P.S: The cover was made by the lovely @TeenWolfLSSD !!! WARNING: I ma...

  • Mysteries // Ralph Macchio short story
    788 32 1

    It's Halloween night, when Cassandra and Ralph find their way to an old barn. What's the worst that can happen?

  • The Musician a Breakfast Club fanfiction.
    176K 4.2K 27

    Meloney was a 17 year old Junior at Shermer High School. She received detention on March 24th, 1984 with a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Will this be the worst day of her life, or will she make some new friends, and, just maybe, even a new boyfriend? And, of course, I don't own the Bre...

  • One Sided // Sequel to Preachers Daughter (Corey Haim)
    25.9K 1.2K 13

    One sided relationship- In a one sided relationship, one person does more than the other or shows more love than the other person.

  • impress
    355 19 2

    a young boy tried to impress the girl of his dreams, he does anything for her. he finds her interests and her dislikes. he would do anything for love.

  • Stydia
    206K 4.9K 40

    A stydia story based of season 4&5 of teen wolf. But not all of it is season 4&5 some are my idea and thoughts.

  • A Collection Of Stydia One Shots
    3.9K 83 5

    This is a collection of Stydia one shots and imagines. Stiles and Lydia are my favourite ship on Teen Wolf, other than Sciles, and I really wanted to do this as I have thought about a lot of imagines between them. My English is terrible so please don't comment on it, just comment your opinion on the content. Thank you...

  • The Bad Boys Saw Me Naked
    16M 625K 38

    "Come on babe." Evan insists. "Please? For me?" I look around, considering my options. The party has started to die down, and the small lake further into the woods is pretty concealed. "Fine." I sigh, grinning. "Really?" He smirks. "You'll skinny dip with me?" I pause. "Sure." "Great." He says. "I love you Harper." ...

  • Preacher's Daughter // Corey Haim
    210K 6.4K 50

    "Oh so you're a goody two-shoes?" he asked, rather rudely. "No." I said "Okay, then let's try something." -------- Corey Haim Fan Fiction by: 80swhat

  • Sincerely Yours, The Breakfast Club
    12.5K 315 3

    Six students from six different cliques share six different stories on how they got in there that day. Turns out, this meeting was for the better. Find out what happens when A Brain, An Athlete, A Basket Case, A Princess, A Writer, and a Criminal get shoved into a school library on a fateful Saturday morning. "Does t...

  • Richer than you >> Jonathan Brandis
    58K 2K 22

    Rich girls get whatever they want. Well, except for this one.

  • Inexplicable { pet sematary 2 }
    891 26 2

    - will be edited and updated the day before or after Halloween 2k15 - Carter Creed was a clueless infant when her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Gage were all brutally murdered. However, once she started elementary school, her family's death being glamorized into a famous ghost story was scarring. The kids in school mocked...

  • The Breakfast Club
    109K 2.6K 16

    A brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, a bookworm ,and a criminal spend a Saturday detention together. There's laughter, tears, and romance along the way.

  • The Breakfast Club ||Fanfiction||
    109K 2.5K 17

    ...and these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through... - David Bowie" (I wrote this on Quotev, thought I should bring it here)

  • Social categories• The breakfast club/ John Bender
    40.3K 1K 16

    A brain. A athlete. A basket case. A princess. A criminal. And the new girl? Hayden is still the new girl to Shermer high school and doesn't have any friends. However, that Saturday detention will change everything for Hayden when she meets 5 unexpected strangers who end up changing her life. The breakfast club and a...

  • Stydia Smut
    184K 3.1K 43

    Stydia OneShots And/Or Smut (Aka Book Sex...yum) some are also short stories that I'm too lazy to make into a book...

    Completed   Mature