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  • The Heart Wants What It Wants
    4K 170 10

    He's with Laura, she's 'with' Bruce, but something just doesn't feel like it used to between them anymore... what the hell was the matter?

  • We're Still Friends, Right?
    445 16 1

    A civil war broke out, and all they did was choose what they thought was right... no matter how wrong.

    Completed   Mature
  • Irresistible
    3K 109 8

  • Chances
    399K 17.3K 33

    This is her chance to do what she's always wanted to do. This is her chance to make a difference and help other people. This is his chance to be who he hasn't been for the past 17 years. First Book in the "Iron Defender Trilogy."

  • Who Am I? » [Stucky]
    1.6M 60.1K 195

    Set after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Bucky is lost, without a purpose and brainwashed within an inch of his life. S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra have both fallen and without anyone to stop him, Bucky intends to find out who he is - or who he was - before Hydra took away every last inch of him. Steve is left recoveri...

    Completed   Mature
  • (a Bones fan-fic) The Men in the Trees
    3.2K 76 3

    In this fan-fic of the TV drama Bones, Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth work together that includes a case where men are being hung by ropes, and tied to trees. But when Wendell (one of Brennan's grad students) finds a strange pattern in the timing of their deaths, they learn that a new victim is at risk of being killed in...

  • Avengers Short Stories
    6.1K 215 16

    A collection of Avengers Short Stories. Taking requests for any ship, but no sex stuff. I don't write that, sorry. Some will be team bonding stories and some just normal day to day things and a small possibility of angst. Well, a big possibility if you guys request it.

  • Run To Me, Runaway
    1.1K 3 22

    An edited version of my fanfic from Instagram. Don't have one? Don't follow me? Then read it to find out what it is all about...

  • The Last thoughts of Augustus Waters
    6.5K 210 1

    Just a little poem about "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. If you haven't already read the book, I highly suggest it.

  • The Proposition
    15.9K 437 25

    A Clint and Natasha/Hawkeye and Black Widow Fan fiction. Set after the Avenger Initiative. Why don't you read to find out what happens?

  • Red Ledgers
    32K 1.1K 29

  • To the people
    144 15 6

  • The Littlevengers go to Walmart
    2.5K 81 1

    Maria discovers that they're low on food and they need to make a trip to the grocery store. What happens when they take the miniaturized Avengers with them? Chaos ... *****Author's note ... this was written for OhMyLoki's contest based on her book Adventures of the Littlvengers with the help of @_markofcain_ . Hope yo...

  • Cloud Moon Pack
    1.1K 22 5

  • A Surprise Around Every Corner- An Avengers Story
    825 25 3

    Taylor Rogers has lived her whole life knowing Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, and Natasha Romanova. But what she doesn't know, is that they have kids. What will happen when they meet?

  • The Daughter of the Wolverine (An X-Men Fan-Fic)
    21.1K 428 9

    This is the story of a young mutant whose father is known by all and about how sometimes that makes life that much harder.

  • Ask Shawn and Bruce
    2.4K 77 20

    It's called Ask Shawn and Bruce so... you should know what to do..~Bruce

  • Project T.I.M.E. Bomb
    611 18 1

    When the Earth's Mightiest Heroes just aren't enough any more, Fury has to call in a new generation of heroes. They will have to work together to save the world, and themselves, that is, if they don't kill each-other first. DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Avengers, and if I did EMH would have 123456789 seasons, and the Ul...

  • The Element of Surprise (A X-Men FanFic) [INDEFINITELY ON HOLD]
    12.3K 342 7

    Elaine "Element" Hall is a mutant. She can control all four elements. She is on the run. Magneto is growing stronger by gathering powerful mutants willing, or not, to join him and the Brotherhood. And, of course, the X-Men are trying to stop him. When Elaine finds herself at the Institute, she gets tangled up in fee...

  • I am Black Widow. (A Black Widow and Hawkeye Fan fiction) [Clintasha]
    64K 1.6K 45

    "You are venom. Poisonous to the tip of your tongue." The one man sent to destroy her. Made a different call for the woman who hadn't known any better. #clintasha #blackwidow #hawkeye #natasharomanoff #clintbarton

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. STORIES 2.0
    1.9K 23 9

    The peacekeeping organazation known as the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcements Logistics Division, S.H.I.E.L.D. for short, has some interesting tales to tell. Some including their top agents, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. Codenamed Hawkeye and Black Widow. We even see S.H.I.E.L.D. in the times of Howard...

  • A Stranger Twist Of Fate -- Robert Downey Jr
    23.9K 698 19

    A love story. It just so happens that he's not your average joe. He's none other than Robert Downey Jr

  • I Want You... (EDITING)
    617K 11.7K 48

    Can true love resist eachother? Amanda DeAngelo is the new student at Jericho Valley High School. Amanda not only faces new people, and new drama, but also a forbidden crush. Will she fall for the boy everybody likes at school. Or will she fall for her edgy, sarcastic, handsome Drama teacher?

  • Me a super hero? (Being re-written coming September 2014)
    27.5K 667 37

    Years after the avenger defeat Loki and his army they go back to having a normal life... or as normal as it can get when you're an avenger. The world isn't going to stay safe forever, and the avengers aren't all imortal (unfortunatley the only imortal one is in a different realm completely) so they need someone to tak...

  • Little Arc Reactor
    519 22 1