UrMyShootingStar's Reading List

  • Not Part of the Deal
    • Britski
    • 26 parts
    16.5K 560

    The intriguing tale of sickness, faeries, and love. <3

  • The Mail Boy
    • youXfoundXme
    • 25 parts
    879K 18.3K

    Victoria Grey's life was anything but normal. Her mother was an author, whose genre of choice was writing books for pregnant mothers. Her father was an eccentr...

  • I met a guy. Who claims he's my BF. I don't mind! ;)
    • GossipGirlTwilight
    • 4 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    4.3K 93

    Kelly Anderson wishes on a star to get her perfect dream guy she's wanted all her life. Guess what? The star answered her wishes by sending the perfect guy, no...

  • Bad Boy Isn't My Type...
    • Lilohorse
    • 50 parts
    43.5M 818K

    "The good girl always falls for the bad boy," he sneered and I smirked. "Well, you're in luck because I'm not a good girl," I retorted, causing a small smile t...

  • It's Funny How Love Starts (Watty Awards 2011 Finalist)
    • rebekers
    • 30 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    1.5M 13.9K

  • One and Only
    • believe96
    • 44 parts
    6.7M 60K

    "I-I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and my breath caught as those words left his lips. It was my worst and most beautiful nightmare coming alive...

  • Beloved Beast
    • inkzerospace
    • 33 parts
    6.1M 167K

    Blind since birth, Elle Duncan has known only darkness, but her beautiful spirit brims with light. A terrible accident has hindered her father’s ability to pro...