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  • No Regrets Just Love
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    Poetry straight from heart ❤️ Enjoy Reading. connect with me Insta - YouTube -

  • The Seasoned LOVE
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    When you first meet someone.. there's this feeling that arises, often confused among Love and Likeness, confusion of shadow remains. There are short poems within on Love, Hate, Confusion and a lot of metaphors to describe the 3 basics.

  • Quotes 2
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    ( was #1 in beinspired) These are just some random quotes. And no, you don't have to read the first book to read this one.

  • Voices From Twilight
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    Do you feel pity as poison? I do... Everyone has moments, outbursts, where you just keeping writing, painting, dancing, heck any kind of action which lets you vent out every single ounce of emotion that's bubbling within you. Trust me on the point when I say everyone does have them... These are my outbursts of emotion...

  • amateur poetry
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    hey baby, i love you.

  • Something, Poetry!
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    A collection of poems randomly inspired and thoughtfully uncorrelated.

  • Poetry.
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    Here is a book that has all of my depressing thoughts.

  • wrlds
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    poems about society.

  • My Beautiful Mystery (love me violently) ✔
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    Short Poetry / Short Poems Lyrical / Random My Beautiful Mystery (love me violently) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED jenjenok (jenny) © 2019

  • Emotions Through Words
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    Letters formed into words, and words describing the emotions, emotions felt by the hoomans, and hoomans experiencing life.

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    can you be my nightingale?

  • letters to no one ➳ [poetry]
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    ❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ]

  • midnight thoughts
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    A compilation of short poems and quotes written by yours truly. Highest: #1 in poetry All Rights Reserved © John Schorwinson 2017 Marvellous cover made by @soundthealarm

  • •Poetic Justice•
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    •Poetic Justice: A Book of Poems• •By Aye_Kaye• "You prayed on my temple until you believed in miracles"

  • Fly High
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    Highest ranking #174 in Poetry 05/05/17 #313 in Poetry 03/05/17 In this busy life, we don't get time for ourself and fails to understand the real meaning of life. The real meaning of life is not to earn lots of money... It's just simple - stay happy and spread happiness... The title of my story " Fly high" doesn't o...

  • Shades Of Life
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    I am an old soul with lot of thoughts which I want to spill out to the world. Poetry is my passion and I just write to express my inner conscience to the world... In the fast moving era (21st century) world is clueless about sweet pleasures of life. Everyone is trying to escape from reality. Through my words i just wa...

  • Ego Solus: I Alone(Book Of Poems)[√]
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    Completed {√} #513 in Poetry #292 in Poetry as on June 9,2017 #133 in Poetry as on June 19,2017 #191 in Poetry as on July 7,2017 Previous Cover Credits by @ImLilMissComplicated and @uniqueread Before known as 'poems of a dreamy puviophile' Rarely Updated! Ego Solus means I alone. She is a vagabond soul who walks in...

  • The Team with the Legend
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    {#51 in share/12.05.18} Sarah is the living legend .She has the power every fairytale fighter wants . You can already smell the problems cant you ? What did she go through before she got saved ?Who saved her ? Will she remember the times before she was 10 ? Will she be able to use her powers in the right way ? Will fa...

  • Be optimistic
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    To motivate yourself remains the ultimate option with you whenever you feel dejected. Life is about both ups and downs. Not to lose to your weaknesses and overcoming them with a happy and a positive attitude brings the best out of you. Keep going fellas.I hope my words will motivate you even to a 0.1% to keep going.

  • The Voice Of My Heart
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    Some things are left behind in our heart forever. These things matter to us lot, things we haven't done, things we want to change, things that are unsaid..... are left behind we can't change them. Words everyone want to say but are never said.. Please Read, Vote, comment & share.

  • The Words Of My Heart Still Unsaid
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    I'm Back With One More Book It's funny how everyone wish to change things that has just passed. We wish to go back but only have the flashbacks.

  • Midnight
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    "No such thing ever shined so bright , like my thoughts in midnight." ~ Hafsa Khan •●•●•●•●•●•●•●• I have been meaning to find a right or rather suitable name for a book so that I can stuff my poems in. So just as the clock striked 12, a thought striked me. Midnight.

  • Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!!
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    #1 in MINE (14.04.19) #1 in LOVE (12.12.18) #1 in CLUMSY (23.06.18) #1 in BOSSY (28.09.18) #1 in SWEETHEART (03.08.18) #1 in MISTRESS (22.09.19) #1 in ASSISTANT (18.10.19) #2 in NICKNAMES (17.06.18) #2 in FIRSTLOVE (18.09.18) #3 in CARE (23.01.20) #4 in POSSESSIVE (02.12.18) #6 in DESIRES (03.08.19) #322 in ROMANCE(24...

  • Efflorescence
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    Thoughts are stars. Welcome to my galaxy. ~ A HUGE shoutout to @StephaniLil for the amazing cover. Thanks a lot girl. ❤ ~ Btw... DON'T dare copy my work or I'll chop you into tiny pieces, feed you to the wolves and use your blood as syrup on my pancakes :') ~ Highest Rank: #113 1/9/17 #124 6/9/17 ...

  • The Babysitters
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    A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY #1 IN HUMOR "SATAN!" Gabby grinned, out of the blue. "Dude, why on earth will you find us a ship name? That too SATAN?" I complained, while Jenny slapped her forehead. * Rebellious, fierce, and outspoken. Samantha Harris is everything you could ask...

  • just for fun
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    HIGHEST RANK : 3 in non fiction I am not good at this writing thing so it read at your own risk.😂😚✌️

  • Sudden thoughts (Complete ✔)
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    Cover credited by a wonderful person @meeramiller007. I had never written poetry before.So this is my first try. Actually a sudden though came in my mind and I just wrote down in my diary. I don't know if you like it or not.But I try to write.So please read. As this is my first one so all the criticism would be accep...

  • Golgappa Rants On
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    A book filled with rants of an Indian teenager and her outlook on what's going on around. WARNING: Some posts may include uncomfortably creepy levels of fangirling or maybe not. Also contains strong political opinions and if somehow someone agrees to disagree, I respect it and expect them to respect mine likewise. Hav...

  • Give Me Your Heart
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    Whatever i want

  • All About Peer 💕
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    The story is about me and my life.. My experiences in the life of friendship 😇 Sometimes it is better to share your life with your unpredictable friends rather than finding a idol companion 😂