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  • Building It Back Up
    686 5 15

    "You've gotta break it down to build it back up." Following the events of the game (Tales From the Borderlands), about a good year has passed. Rhys is slowly building up ATLAS again, overtaking anything that Hyperion had started, and pushing for the goal Jack had always wanted but never could achieve, making Pandora a...

  • Fixed~PruCan
    160K 8.3K 22

    Love comes in mysterious ways. Canada has felt he's always been broken, and he thinks no one can fix him. Until he meets Prussia, another country everyone seems to forget. Can Prussia fix Canada? Or will he forever be broken? ~ Introducing the first in the 'F' series!

  • Raising The Absolute Duo [My Hero Academia] Yaoi
    206K 7.1K 17

    Midoriya Izuku have longed love Bakugo Katsuki, his childhood friend. Even if they were in highschool, he remained his feelings to himself. One day, Midoriya met a mysterious girl who advised him to admit his feelings to Bakugo so he won't get hurt. This made him curious and did what she said. However, in...

  • The Wolf who fell inlove with Little Redhead (HQ yaoi AU)
    53.3K 2.4K 8

    The Forest has been forbidden for quite sometime now because of the vicious wolves that were said to be lurking inside the woods. But Hinata doesn't believe in them - he believed that the woodsmen were just looking for something to blame their own failures. But when a plague hit the town, ailing hundreds of the townsf...

  • My Brother's Best Friend • Prucan
    80.9K 4.1K 28

    Matthew and Alfred are brothers, but polar opposites. While Alfred is incredibly loud, popular, and athletic, Matthew is a bit on the quieter, artistic side. Matthew has always found Alfred's friends obnoxiously annoying, but one day, during the "awesome trio's" usual hangout, Matthew finds himself engaging in convers...