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  • Crystal Dragon (Yaoi)
    8.4K 505 10

    Mei is a prince that finds a little boy in the palace ponds. He takes the boy in and hopes to keep him away from his parents but the turns his world upside down.

  • A sky's warmth-(A Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfiction)
    20.8K 567 10

    The sky is all encompassing, accepting everything and everyone. Tsuna is the sky to his Guardian's. His family. His heart is open to everyone. But sometimes that can be terrifying... Tsuna finds out how terrifying in this story. ( * This story has some shounen-ai, which means boys love. BL. The pairing is 80×59-( Yamo...

  • ★Yooseven Stories★
    2.3K 71 2

    These are all my Yooseven (707 x Yoosung) stories. These stories include fluff and angst. The cover picture does not belong to me, it was drawn here: I just edited the flower crowns onto them, please enjoy!

  • Bffl (yoosung x seven/707)
    11.3K 274 4

    One day the RFA found out Zen and Jumin were dating. They weren't suprised, they thought Jumin was gay and Zen was just thirsty. Then they chat got heavy on Yoosung, asking if he was going to get a girlfriend soon. He didn't like it, he felt he was pushed to say something, anything. Seven was in on the joke but he co...

  • 707 x Yoosung (Yaoi)
    29.4K 336 13

    I haven't seen alot of Yoosung x 707 fanfictions so here's mine. Disclaimer: only for the humorous and stupidness xD

  • Zeno is awesome !!! ( Akatsuki no Yona )
    634 16 4

    This story is a fan fiction of how the Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry bunch, and Zeno protects them MOST of the time. WARNING : you should not read this if you haven't read the manga. Spoiler Alert! Also I do not own most of the characters!

  • Random Anime Pics 5
    149K 8.5K 202

    The fifth book of pictures. -Anime Pictures -Recommendations -Anime Feels -Feels -Normal Pictures -Anime Meme ~Announcements I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES!!! If someone made it, there would have a name on the pictures.

  • Cute And Funny Anime Pics
    55.4K 3.2K 201

    Hey! I'm gonna post cute and funny anime pics in this book because I love anime, and I always find these hilarious pictures that I want to share. None of the pictures belong to me unless my name/username is on it! Enjoy!♥ Cute & Funny Anime Pics 2 is out!

  • Akatsuki no Yona Oneshots
    7.9K 109 5

    Mizuho Kusanagi-sensei owns Akatsuki no Yona. Changed the cover because the owner of the previous picture asked me to take it down. Current cover is temporary.

  • A Promise Never Broken
    138K 5.3K 16

    Naruto, being just a little 5 year old boy, was being attacked by a mob of villagers on his birthday. On that faithful day, he met his first, companion, guardian, and something he wanted for a very long time. He met his first ever Friend.

  • Ten Flames
    14.5K 784 7

    Meet Sawada Tsunayoshi From a young age it was obvious how different he was to his twin Ieyasu- he's quiet, loves to read and is always observing. Follow him on his own adventures where he meets many strange people MultiFlame!Tsuna Child!Tsuna

  • Meant To Be Lovers (KnB Fanfic)
    11.2K 388 21

    There Are 6 girls in Tokyo who are prodigies In basketball,They are an otaku, They love the Generation Of Miracles But For them they are only Anime's They wish to meet them in Real . For they had the same Attitudes. One day . There is something Unexpected happen. Let'...

  • Kiseki no Sedai [The Female versions Vs. The Male Version]
    14K 379 11

    Kiseki no Sedai or Generation of Miracles Each of them has a unique ability. Yet Japan's best basketball team are GoM Females who won in Winter Cup. GoM Males who won at Inter Cup. Are both of the teams will play against each other in the 'Japan's Best Basketball team' ?

  • Generation of stars (kuroko no basket fanfiction)
    91.9K 2.8K 28

    What will happen if the Generation of miracle meet another basketball team which is a girls basketball team named by "Generation of stars" How will they react if they know that those girls the same skills and the same personalities ? Not to mention they look a like

  • The Generation of Halfbloods
    71.4K 2.9K 38

    -UNEDITED- What if the Generation of Miracles find a perfect match? GoM falls in love with GoH, but the girls have no interest whatsoever... ...

  • The Generation of Halfbloods II
    37.7K 1.3K 28

    "I knew it wouldn't last." "All boys are the same nanodayo. "Kisecchi said..." "Mura-chin might crush my snacks." "Lover my a*s." The girls are back with 3 new members, and distrust. What will the GoM do?...

  • Female GOM!?! (KnB fanfic)
    9.4K 335 18

    I'm not really good at description I do not own KnB and the pic but I own the two characters (UNDER EDITING) SAYONARA

  • The Dandere Girl (RinXLen)
    36K 1.6K 34

    Rin Kagamine is the girl that sits in the back of class Not saying a peep through her mouth No one knows why People call her Dandere, and that is what she's best known for Maybe that reason was Len Kagamine Sits at the front of class Talks all the time that his friends thinks it gets irritating But maybe they had som...

  • NYC:Magi
    2.1K 75 23

    Attack of the REN'S This is a story about the Ren family from the Kou empire in Magi trying to take over New York City. Kouen, Kouha and Kougyoku get pulled through a mysterious portal with their army. They land in a strange park and soon discover that they are in a different world, in New York. The three split up to...

  • Tenkai Knights Magic Mage
    5K 174 19

    Melidina Massisabra is a unusual girl who moved to a city and meets the knights. She has a lot of secrets to be revealed and a sad past. How will she live one to the past without looking back in tears and lots sad. Find out in my book. I don't own Tenkai Knights I wish I did that would be so cool. No comments plz.

  • You're Never Alone
    3.2K 135 11

    Let me be your light (Warning: supposed to be very sad)

  • Dragon Mating Season
    290K 7.6K 49

    This is my first fan fic so please go easy on me in the comments! Btw my dragon season is a little different. I did it my way! Please read! I do not own the characters! All rights go to the actual artists and people who thought of them and that crap. Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • Monsters
    1.6K 90 9

    For a few years two boys would meet at night to play. They met on accident but when they kept meeting at night the two made it usual to meet then. One boy does question why they don't meet at any other time but he never asked. So far 3dshipping (Guren x Ceylan) and polarrenaishipping (Gen x Beni) but might add other...

  • Lady Vampire Knight (Vampire Knight Fanfiction)
    638K 29.1K 101

    Saki is a vampire. She's been one since she was 6. Born a hunter, turned into a vampire, she has a twisted fate. No-one trusts a hunter who is now a vampire. Why should they? She's had her ups and downs, mainly downs, but going to Cross Academy has given her the bumpiest ride of her life. Being a puppet to a purebloo...

  • Random Tenkai Thoughts
    690 40 6

    Random theories and thoughts of what i would think will or had happened. Maybe I'll just write random Tenkai gibberish. You guys may ask me to think of a theory for whatever or just ask questions like why in the world would i say/think that? I don't mind. This story is for fun and most things in it might be false.

  • The Knights of Quarton and Earth
    411 8 3

    The Tenkai Knights haven't been summoned back to Quarton for a couple months after finally defeating Villius. When they actually do get summoned, one fateful day, they find the Corekai acting... strange. Can they figure out what's going on, and stop whoever is doing this?

  • The Story of Keylan-Tenkai Knights
    1.6K 43 12

    This is my first story based off the anime Tenkai knights its about a kid named Keylan Jones the Brother of Ceylan (I don't own the characters in this story besides keylan)