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  • Win Her Heart | ✓
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    #1 in General Fiction (14-02-2017) #1 - THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER 2016 He was truly, madly, deeply in love with her. But there was one problem. She was too innocent for him. He was a bad boy after all. But instead of being a gentleman, he became a stalker. Instead of impressing her, he scared her. Instead of asking h...

  • No! I Don't Love You!
    233K 11.9K 42

    Can love happen twice? Heard somewhere this phase? Oh yeah in Ravinder Singh's book. But this is not his story. Let me ask you clearly, Can love happen twice with the same person? If you could love the person once again then what made you to hate him in the first place? Okay, Do you believe there is Life after love F...

  • A Second Chance.
    395K 22.8K 46

    [ #2 in Spiritual - 24/05/16] Hussyan Sheikh is 27 years old business man is a single father. He had a 6 son Arsalan. His wife Mehwish died in a car accident and he was in shock for 2 months before he recovers himself and take care of his son. He is facing a very hard time between his son and his office. His parents t...

  • Don't Leave Me #2 #WattpadIndiaAwards
    798K 30.8K 44

    There will be revenge, There will be innocent people, There will be a bad sibling and of course there will be a love story but there will also be some twists along with secrets... *Note* --- Not a sequal. This is just the second series for Don't leave me...

  • Don't Leave Me! #WattpadIndiaAwards
    991K 34.1K 41

    Looking at the bright sun, which is not so bright right now hiding itself to create darkness all around totally makes me think about my present situation. I heard that sound of footsteps entering the room, so I turned around and said, "Hey!" "Don't start now. You will get your wish soon." he said removing his coat...

  • Distance b/w Us... *Sample*
    577K 2.9K 7

    They say distance means so little when the person means so much... But when you mean nothing to that person then, the little distance will definitely mean so much... They say distance is a test of how far love can go but what if there is no love in the first place... They say the worst thing about distance is we do...

  • Cold Hearts *Sample*
    188K 1.6K 7

    Two hearts which have always been filled with warmth and joy for so many years of their lives. Suddenly one heart becomes cold because of the other heart. The other heart becomes cold because of some other reasons. Now these both have one thing in common that is coldness surrounding their hearts. Did they really beca...

  • I'm All Yours(Published)
    1M 32.6K 62

    Completed Novel: can be purchased on Kindle as an eBook. Link is available on my bio. Shakthi was a beautiful, 25 year old Indian girl. She was a Chennaiite and was working as a Chartered Accountant. Her life was like a bed of roses until the day when her marriage was arranged with a complete stranger. But who is th...

  • ...
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