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  • Absolut Style
    301K 15.3K 51

    Ella is a university student and a waitress at one of the hottest clubs in town. She is assigned to interview one of the most popular bartenders/models of a rival club for an article for her university newspaper. Will this witty, clever student be able to tame him or will he be able to see right through her?

  • Dorm Room 210 [✔]
    64M 1.5M 39

    Roommates. Secrets. A repeat of history. It's been five years since the death of her parents and 19-year-old Lillian Camel still mourns their loss while battling with mental illness. Cooped up in her aunt's house, she embarks on a one-girl mission to survive university and get her bachelor's degree as a fashion desig...

  • Friendship for Dummies
    14.2M 426K 36

    "Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk who's determined to make your life hell? Not so much." Georgie and Connor were once inseparable. Best friends from birth, they did everything together - w...

  • Creature (CENTURIES series: Book #7)
    7.3M 299K 33

    "What are you?" "Lethal." • • • Humans and Creatures. That's what mankind has come to. Some humans were locked up as infants and genetically altered for the purpose of making a stronger specie, and now their offspring have to be tested to see if they are safe to put out into the real world. Having been locked up in se...

  • His Mission
    43.3M 315K 12

    Formally known as The Bad Boys Mission [Highest Ranking - #1 In Teen Fiction] Meet Emily Wentworth. Since the death of her father, she's been living a home life full of abuse. It's remained a secret for years until she meets the town's bad boy, Jake Melvin. It doesn't take long for him to figure out her secret. Emily...

  • Virgin Exotica ♡18+♡ PUBLISHED (SAMPLE)
    5.3M 75.7K 42

    "And you guys wanna know how he made me climax?" Akira Sanders is just your average high school nerd. On the outside, she is a shy plain Jane that you wouldn't even spare a second glance. However, she has a dirty little secret-a sexy vixen of an alter ego. Also known as Miss O, Akira secretly writes erotica stories fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Bestfriend's Daughter
    1.8M 34.8K 59

    "This is so wrong," I shake my head. "Please, I need this," she squirms under me, "you need this." I bite my lip, "I watched you grow up..." I think of her calling me her uncle when she was a child. "Please Charlie," she moans, "I want this so bad." ---------- If you don't like the raunchy/kinky stuff, don't read...

  • I'm a Gay Wizard
    674K 27.5K 25

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION After Ryan and his best friend are whisked away to a top-secret wizard school, they'll discover immortal demons, new powers, acceptance, and love. ***** After they are brutally assaulted by a gang of bullies, high school ou...

  • Publicity Stunt ( Blackbear - Mat Musto Fan-fiction)
    21.4K 614 23

    Daisy Kyle is a famous singer. What happens when Mat and her release a song together and have to fake a relationship for the whole world.

  • Want...Need..Have. (Discontinued)
    3.2K 92 9


  • Fat Girl Problems
    1.3M 72K 34

    As a 'fat girl', Quinn Jones' life consists of problem after problem, leaving her quite insecure. Moving to a new school for senior year didn't help that either. With a new set of people to stare at her, she's terrified. But then, a miracle happens. Connor, the school's toughest guy, decides to watch over her, making...

  • After
    672M 10.5M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.