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  • Dear Future Boyfriend
    29.9M 709K 136

    Published by VIVA PSICOM <3 Now available in bookstores! *Kayleen's Story* Next book: Dear Ex-Boyfriend

  • Jenny and the Magic Arinola (Published Under LIB)
    5.1M 186K 38

    Maiiyak ka dito, pramis. Maiiyak ka sa kakatawa ;) Nagmahal ka ba ng uber? Nagtiwala? Nililibre mo ba ang boyfriend mo sa carinderia na pag-aari ng tiyahin mong Dragona? Halos ibinigay na ang lahat pero niloko pa din at ipinagpalit sa mismong 2nd Anniversary niyo ng boyfriend mong mukhang kuko sa talampakan? Kung hind...

    Completed   Mature
  • Special Section (Published under Pop Fiction)
    36.3M 786K 54

    Special section.. nandito ang mga kinahahangaan at idol ng lahat. Mga anghel daw kung ituring. Pero lahat kaya sa kanila ay anghel? Wala bang DEMONYO? Available in bookstores, convenience stores and newsstands nationwide for only P195 :)

  • Mr. Mafia Prince
    874K 24.7K 62

    Paano kung hindi ka naniniwala sa pag-ibig at wala ka ding panahon para dito? Ano ang gagawin mo kapag may dumating sa buhay mo na magpapadama sayo nito? Tatanggapin mo ba ito o tatakbuhan mo na lang? This is the Story of Anneria Deemetria Fortaleza and Raven Aerondale. Copyrights Reserved (c) 2015

  • Just friends (star X Marco)
    1.9K 56 6

    Star butterfly just moved to earth as she lives with Marco Diaz as they both experience mixed emotions about each other.

  • Dimensions Meet {Star x Marco}
    383 8 1

    I love this ship :D -Star Vs the forces of evil XD Puckle up cause your going into another dimension :3

  • star x marco
    3.4K 77 2

  • Starco- A Million Stars and You're the Brightest (Star x Marco)
    5.7K 213 7

    Some fluff, no smut. Starco fanfic :3

  • Star and the Forces of Evil *One Shots!*
    1.8K 34 5

    Every chapter is going to be different! these are just little one shots and they can be anything!

  • Marco's Sweater (Star x Marco)
    2.2K 77 1

    Star finds a love for Marco's red sweater, and Marco is always embarrassed because she's so adorable in it. Starco fluff. Cover art by Mgx0 on DeviantART. (。♥‿♥。)

  • Starco Pictures (Star x Marco)
    105K 3.7K 103


  • He's Worth it (Completed)
    194K 3.9K 22

    Star butterfly and Marco Diaz defeated Toffee and Ludos gang with a spell from her that they finally finished with fighting monsters..what should the next thing be for these two? Will relationship crippled or will it strive either way these two can't be without each other no matter what Basically a Starco fa...

  • Going Through The Motions||Starco
    33.7K 1.1K 35

    Haven't found a Starco fanfiction that isn't cheesy? Can I really call this Starco? Yesh possibly. Even if you have found one try this one out, it's quite enjoyable. Hmm.. I rate it: PG I do not own Star vs The Forces of The Evil. Of course I don't. Nor do I own any of the art I may display in my Fanfiction.

  • Starco = Star + Marco
    6.9K 183 9

    For all of you Starco shippers out there... This is for you! I don't own Starco or SVtFoE, but if Starco really happened, I would cry happy tears all day!

  • A Star x Marco Love Story: You Will Always Be My Star
    704 26 1

    Don't judge the book by its cover and just read it! Enjoy! #StarCoFanInTheHouse!

  • My princess (Star x Marco = Starco)
    6.8K 252 9

    After Star wand's cleaved or split apart or cut in half. She decided to leave the wand to her mother, to take care of it. Star realized she didn't took responsibility of the wand, and can't have magic for a while. So, now star's still living under the diaz's roof and become an ordinary girl, and to live with her bestf...

  • Ask or dare Star and Marco
    5.4K 209 19

    Star: Ask or dare us anything! Marco: and meet our friends from other dimensions Star: *takes out pair of scissors* like Gravity Falls, Danville or oo Marco: 1 rule no death Star: ohh don't be a fun hater! Come ask and dare us we'll do anything!★

  • Ask Or Dare Marco Diaz!
    6.6K 352 6

    Ask/Dare Marco from Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil!!

  • Star x marco
    243 6 1

    This is a star x marco fanfiction ... It doesnt get to dirty XD ... It is set as if it was a normal episode but a twist ... I might not update so much but i wanna dedicate the majority of my time to finish this ^.^

  • Star X Marco (Star vs.The Forces Of Evil)
    655 13 3

    Marco Loves Star but cant tell her.

  • Jealousy (Star VS the Forces of Evil fanfic) [discontinued]
    78.3K 1.5K 5

    When a new boy comes and moves down the street, Star falls head over feet. But Marco has a weird feeling about him, and he doesn't like him around Star... ((Audio narrated by @Melanie_Scratch))

  • Star x Marco:A friendship that will last forever
    255 8 3

    Just basic oneshots around your all time favorite ship ever.Please follow me and enjoy the stories!

  • No One Left to Blame But Me
    31.7K 1.1K 5


  • Star x Marco (starco) I'm still here remember?
    6.2K 184 7

    Star got dumped by Oscar who she loved dearly.. She didn't want to go to school or leave her room.. She only lets Marco in and he tried so badly to make his star happy again.. She was heartbroken and she only needed Marco. Marcos parents wanted to comfort her too but the respected star for only wanting Marco with her...

  • The Stargazer ( A Starco Lovestory )
    21.5K 567 15

    The Stargazer by: GottaGetRektie89 (A fanfiction of the television series called "Star Vs. The Forces of Evil") Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz we're the bestest of friends when they met until,Marco has developed feelings for Star. Also, Star has feelings for him too. But the only thing that kept them apart is what Star...

  • Starco Star x Marco
    8.1K 258 16

    Starco Star x Marco. Please enjoy.

  • Miku x Luka~One Shots
    2K 89 10

  • Zodiac Signs
    860K 41.2K 105

    This is simply a bunch of zodiac facts (and compatibilities) that I find crammed into a small book, purely for entertainment. --- I do not take credit for the picture in the cover. I merely slapped some words onto it. I don't own the picture, I found it online.

  • Zodiac Signs: Book 2
    5.1M 238K 155

    Here's the second installment of my zodiac signs book. More crazy and weird Shit to be had and experienced in book 2. ~* Some are from tumblr and some I made up by myself *~

  • Zodiac Signs
    2.1M 88.6K 161

    Book 1 of Zodiac Signs. Contains: - fun facts - zodiac squads - personality traits - zodiac relationships & many more!! (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SIGN, DM ME.) (I DO LOVE COMPATIBILITY's, DM ME FOR YOURS.) _______________________________________________ #31 in Random (9/30/15)