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  • Savior (A Glenn Rhee Fanfiction)
    9.4K 286 14

    ●This story is a Glenn Rhee X Reader● You're in trouble and being overran by the walkers surrounding you. You think no one can help you, you're stuck in the mud and can't move. It's the end for you. But, an unknown man and his group comes out and starts running towards you. He saves your life without a second thought;...

  • A Day To Remember (A Carl Grimes Fanfiction)
    43.2K 1.6K 40

    ●This story is a Carl Grimes X Reader● "You stared at him with the same expression written on your own face. "Y/N... You're alive..." He stared towards you with disbelieve in his eyes." You're a lone survivor in the world that went to hell shortly after you and your best friend went to school that morning. After every...