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  • Saving Grace | ✓
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    Before she ran away from home, Grace Miller had been abused, beaten, and hurt in more ways than one by the people who are supposed to give her the love she deserved. Stranded in a little town, Grace had to face a bigger problem after she had been offered a home by the Brian's--there was life inside of her, and she fel...

  • The CEO & the Christian Girl ✔️ | For Love & Money Book 1
    209K 16K 60

    NO MATURE CONTENT / SWEARING IN THIS STORY! EXCERPT: "What the heck is wrong with you?" He was breathing hard, his face white and shocked, his hair dishevelled. My heart raced. I was both scared and oddly excited to see him in such a state, so unlike his typically controlled self. "I-I don't know." "You hate me," he...

  • Teen Study: God's Way > My Way
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    As teenage Christian girls, we need help. Especially in a generation of sin and filth. We need special guidance from a holy and righteous God. What better place to look than a fellow teenage Christian girl who is writing a bunch of devotionals? Hopefully, through this study, we can all learn how to be the women that G...

  • ᴀɪᴍ
    299 103 7

    life. a teen girl. and the truth that set her free.

  • The Struggle Is Real But So Is Jesus
    766 103 19

    Stella a girl who just got diagnosed with depression and anxiety. And she is struggling to make it through the day. How can Jesus help her? Stella meets lovely Jason: a handsome and Godly man. Through the love and the power of the cross, Stella will learn to recover and find a reason to live again.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Diary Of A Christian Teen Girl
    3.8K 590 23

    Let's be honest. Being a teen girl isn't easy. But when you're a girl, a teen, and a Christian in a world that seems to push for things that are not okay: Well, it seems ten times as hard. So come on in, and let's discuss the ups and downs of being a teen and how it plays into our walk with Jesus.

  • Why must One Worship God?
    958 282 82

    Why must one worship God? This a question people may ask themselves. Some people don't really understand the real concept of worshiping God. Some think you must worship God at church . After church I can do all the things I want to do. I can insult people, I can steal, I can smoke, I c...

  • Questions and Answers About Christianity
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    For any of you who want to know about Christianity, please feel free to ask me questions and I will post answers in this book!

  • Bible Quotes
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    Bible quotes that are medicine for the soul. Love and live them

  • The Girl With the Cross
    153K 10K 32

    Tyler James is your typical bad boy. He has some daddy issues and he thinks that God is dead, a false hope that only dumb people fall into. Sarah Williams is the exact opposite. She's a good girl, her father is a pastor, and Sarah will never do anything out of her rule book. But when these two collide after Sarah'...

  • How Great Is Jesus | ✓
    12.2K 1.8K 12

    In which a faithful girl named Shellah, sends short letters to a sick stranger, telling him how great God is. "I have a secret about someone named Jesus, that I'm about to share with you. Are you ready?"

  • In Love With A Christian Girl (Christian Bwwm Romance) ✔
    60.1K 3.8K 13

    Meet Sarah. A beautiful, bubbly Christian woman who loves God and people. ********** Meet Tyler. A reckless bad boy with a rough past who doesn't want anything to do with church or people. Until he meets Sarah, his life is changed forever. Cover By: weidnersdancer17

  • How to survive being a Christian teen
    52.1K 2.9K 50

    We all struggle everyday. We're human. All I'm trying to do is make a light in this dark world for Jesus. Its all for Him and His glory. I started writing this book when i was 14 years old. It was January of 2014 and I'm now 16 so sorry if its a bit immature in the beginning. :)) Have a blessed day! ~Kayla

  • Teens After Christ
    59.5K 4.2K 28

    This book is written to encourage you to grow closer in your walk with Jesus. From your new life in Christ to walking by faith, things are covered that I, and maybe some of you, may struggle with. Whether you are already a Christian, or you don't know who Jesus is, this devotional will hopefully enlighten you about wh...

  • Teenage Girls Are Christians ✔
    3.6K 390 70

    Writing this book has brought me closer to God and I hope by reading this it will bring you closer to God. Courtneyroses

  • Surrender
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    #27 in Christ #151 in Spiritual Should we really worry ourselves with being on the worlds "hall of fame?" Do we need to make sure to get someone back when we have a "problem" with them? Do we truly have the right to become someone "Aphrodite?" Better yet, why is Aphrodite even a thing? In this book, I take a different...