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  • Our Forever |OS ✔︎|
    242 37 1

    Not exactly a fairytale, but surely fairytale-ish. It's about them- Manik, Nandini and their forever. Cover by my @weirdosaurs

  • It was Us
    1.4K 234 8

    Nandini Murthy never wanted anyone in her life but what happens when 𝙝𝙚 was forced into her life. Well Nandini didn't trust in Marriages but She had to marry him. Manik Malhotra who didn't give others a chance wasn't given a chance too! He hated her, she didn't like him either or they pretended to be? Join me in th...

  • The Horizon's Agony || COMPLETED
    826 160 2

    ¶¶We all live under the same sky, but we don't have the same Horizon¶¶ We find a sadistic pleasure in categorising things, and humans, on the basis of various criterias. Pain, is one of those criterias, on the basis of which, we can categorise humans into two groups. One, who are so devastated by ache that it paralys...

  • Graphic Wattys 2020
    18.4K 1.6K 38

    The Guild is hosting the Graphic Wattys again this year! Tag your book with #GraphicWattys2020 and head inside for more information on how to enter. Welcome to the Graphic Wattys! Every year, summer is a time where writers enter their stories into the Wattys (or furiously get in those last few thousand words...), but...

  • Wajah Tum Ho
    240K 18.6K 42

    And it began with that one night. One night that changed everything. One night that changed all equations. One night that broke all relations. One night that shattered all hopes. One night that opened all eyes. Because sometimes second chances aren't possible. Read to find out more. Warning: The FF contains Hindi dial...

    15.8K 1.9K 29

    Nandani's best friend's brother grew up. Hot. She knows the rules. The rules say Manik Malhotra is off-limits. That includes his messy dark hair and wickedly knowing eyes. The hard body he built playing rugby. But when the most gorgeous, mysterious, brooding, scholarly boy, she never let herself want shows up on her b...

  • Lascivious Desire(Completed)
    237K 13.6K 41

    {Rankings} #1 in dreamers, 04/06/2018;; #6 in hit-man, 02/062018 BOOK ONE (LASCIVIOUS DESIRE) She became his possession when he first saw her. She had no idea that someone can take interest in her but eventually it happened. He observed her, and made a picture of her in his mind and soul.. and day by day...

  • MaNan FF : Her Captivator (Swear By Blood Series Book 1) ✔️
    35.2K 2.7K 22

    #4 Captivating 08/08/2018 #28 erotic romance 08/07/2018 In order to save his girl friend he has to kidnap the sister of his greatest enemy who has kidnapped his girl friend. Little did he know that his prison was no less difficult than he is. She is a prisoner, the only medium to reach his girlfriend. But what happens...

  • Unreasonably in Love - A MaNan FS✔️
    16.4K 1.1K 5

    How do we fall in love? May be after a fight or at the first glance or by a mere gesture. But is it all? No one can say how will we fall in love just the way they can't say where will our love take us. Manik and Nandini two different souls. Very much different from each other. How will they fall in love? How will...

  • MaNan- We are married ✔
    154K 21.2K 23

    Marriage, the word that I loathed the most unexpectedly happened to me. Landing up on the same bed with my co star, Manik and knowing that we were married was all so sudden and it seemed so surreal. But it was reality and that's what I hated. "He is an arrogant jerk and I hate him." **** Ever heard of a drunken mista...

  • Arranged. Or.. Is it? [slow updates]
    26.4K 2K 13

    "Nandini?" "M-Manik.. Manik listen to me-" "How could you? I bloody trusted you! And I got this in return of my trust? My love?" "I- I.." He was about to say more when he saw something seeing which his eyes widened like a saucer. "FUCK" - • - Beautiful cover by: _Hxl1m4_ A story about marriage, arranged marriage...

  • • MANMARZIYAAN • || •COMPLETED • || • ✓ • ||
    7.4K 908 17

    "the greater the love is, the greater the tragedy is when it's over..." With her marriage on the verge of breaking akruti still can't forget the love she felt towards Vivaan nor can she deny the attraction she felt towards rishab, but the choice was only one, now the question was whom would she choose?- the undeniabl...

  • Unveiling » Ipkknd AU
    34.8K 2.5K 12

    Despite her pleadings and timid protests, Arnav left for London to spend some time away from Khushi. He could not live in that house seeing her everyday and reminding himself about the illicit relationship she has, with her sister's husband. Khushi was vulnerable and trapped in the same house with the person who was...

  • Setting fire to his world
    7.9K 863 22

    Cover credits : @VELLIGal *can be read as general fiction It was supposed to be a revenge story to avenge for the price of shattered pieces of heart but a small misunderstanding eventually turned it into a alluring novel of romance leading to more brutal heartbreaks. Two mistakes and one connection.... Will love heal...

  • Manan Os: Healing The Soul
    1.9K 203 2

    Nandini a reknowned doctor is married to a bussinesman Manik, a man of real less words. This man less than anything else was full of mystery that Nandini Murthy or more approriately Nandini Malhotra wanted to solve. She reminds herself of those days when he had confessed his feelings for her, the day he proposed her...

  • Tere Naal- A MaNan FS
    8.4K 885 5

    "Oyeee" he shouted again, bringing me out of my trance. I had been staring at him like a creep. What he must be thinking of me. I shook my head in response, asking him what. He beckoned me to return his ball which was in my hand.

  • MaNan TS~ Fariyaad ✔️
    13.1K 1.1K 3

    ~A love story yet to be completed~ Copyright © TheSweetGirlYouKnow December 2016

  • Vows
    53.3K 7.9K 35

    "You?" we both shouted simultaneously as I saw him in the cafe. I was expecting anyone but him. "Am I going to marry you, really?" he growled falling back on the chair. •• Highest ranking #3 on Parth Samthaan in 12.092020 #1 on Nandini Murthy in 12.09.2020

  • Breathless Mafias
    37.7K 2.6K 19

    what happens when two powerful Mafias come across each other? "I love you" that was all he said before closing his eyes.

  • aestheticism ❊ graphic tutorials & resources
    273K 10.8K 48

    Learn about editing in Photoshop and mobile apps! You might want to pick up resources as well (ノ'ヮ')ノ*: ・゚ ❝Aestheticism❊ es-ˈthe-tə-ˌsi-zəm, is-\ • devotion to or emphasis on beauty or the cultivation of the arts ㅡÆSTÆTICㅡ

  • Just My P.A.
    217K 19.3K 37

    Happy endings! Just as fairy-ish as it sounds , as unreal it is! Do you believe in happy endings?! You do right?! But have you thought about endings that were not happy?! Endings that gave rise to new beginning's?! No?! Well then here it is! Another MaNan story, sit back and enjoy as the story uncovers! Hope you gu...

  • Strenuously Yours [Dark]
    48.8K 1.6K 8

    O N G O I N G DARKNESS ain't dangerous, PEOPLE are !! Isn't sad when you get hurt so much that you finally say '' I'm used to it.'' Manik Malhotra after being torn apart, starts afresh to seek retribution for the pain he suffered in the past, instead gets hold of his daughter who is oblivious of th...

  • Broken Jewel
    700K 54.3K 96

    "Eyes on me little one..." he hissed as he scanned her terror-stricken face. "Please don't do this to me.... I beg you!" she screamed as his fingers tightened around her throat. He was a celebrity with an inflated ego. He was arrogant, selfish and charming. He never compromised for anything in life. He believed that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Project Kesar Arora | #1
    146K 6.6K 31

    ❝ gravity doesn't always pull you down. sometimes, it attracts two people together. ❞ Usually, arranged marriages are forced. For them, their parents just gave a slight nudge and their fate decided to turn them into a living joke. They had an option to say no, move on and see someone else. After all, arranged marriag...

  • MANAN - Cloud with a Silver Lining
    221K 14.9K 57

    Winner of the Featured Fanfic Contest organised by Wattpad India (Official) Highest Rank - #30 on Fanfiction on 7th December 2016 ---------------- "Manik (whispers)- I thought you loved me Nandini Nandini - I thought you trusted me Manik.." Hello Readers, my name is...

  • A Feather From My Heart!
    150K 9K 24 might fall in love with...♥️💯 -▪- WriterSIDD✔

  • He was my EVERYTHING ~ {A MaNan-TS} ✔
    16.7K 1.5K 3

    *Completed* A Manan- Three shot experiment! How does it feel when your newly wedded husband leaves you just the day after your marriage? Well, peep inside to know what Nandini felt after Manik left her, the next morning after their wedding night. ~▪~ 2-Chapters with 6thousand+ words so not the shortest one! WriterSID...

  • A Survivor. {MaNan FF}
    68.2K 7.8K 15

    She lived her life fully and enjoyed every moment of it. She was loved by everyone but the only person she craved to be loved was- By her FATHER!! She was polite, She was sweet, She was innocent. She had friends, she trusted them, and they didn't think twice before crushing down her trust, her innocence, all in all HE...

    44K 3.7K 11

    THIS IS EDITED VERSION! TO READ THE OLD UNEDITED VERSION CHECK MY PROFILE! YOU'LL LOVE IT SURELY BUT IT HAS LOTS AND REALLY LOTS OF ERROR AND MISTAKES! She's smiling! She's laughing! She's roaming around! She's happy! She's not a right girl! She was passing her time! She was playing with him! She's a cunning girl! She...

  • The Start Of Something New
    1.5K 153 7

    An eager friend. A concert. A perception. An accident. Manik Malhotra is the 'Musical Heartthrob of the Nation' and Niti Taylor might be a lot of things but she's exactly not that; his Fangirl. But it's not like she's going to meet him right?! He doesn't even know her! She's not even interested! It's breezy, it's s...