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  • The Remembering (Alex Gaskarth Fanfiction)
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    “She looked up at the stars while I stared into her dreamy eyes that had the reflection of the twinkling stars. In that moment, I realized she wasn't my world and she wasn't the center of the universe either. But she was the literal universe. Her blood was the galaxy. Her heart was the stars, fuming with love and lust...

  • [AlexGaskarth] You're Not The Only One
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    OVERDOSE (noun); a lethal amount that can cause death SUICIDE (noun); the act of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally He’s gone. Those two words, two words that seem so simple, make a life so complicated. The changes are drastic to some, manageable to others. Some people turn to alcohol, partying, anyth...

  • [AlexGaskarth] I'm The Only One [Sequel | You're Not The Only One]
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    He changed. Everything about him changed. I don't know what happened. At one point, it was all just torture. Nothing I did was right and everything he did lacked a valid excuse. Lies, that's all he told me. "I'll never leave you. I love you, Logan. We'll be together forever, I promise."