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  • Feelings (COMPLETE)
    206K 1.8K 24

    Over the years, Serena has accomplished many goals. But today, she sets off to accomplish her most personal goal yet that involves a certain pokemon champion she knows from a long time. Rated M for strong sexual acts and profanity. Don't like, then don't read.

    Completed   Mature
  • Pokemon School (Amourshipping Story)
    899K 21.7K 217

    Imagine returning home from an exciting journey in a far away region to discover you'll be moving! Stepping foot back into Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum a sixteen year old Pokemon Trainer and his long time buddy Pikachu notice a truck outside their house! Rushing into his familiar house, Delia informs Ash about some s...

  • Amourshipping: A Broken Boy
    325K 6.5K 63

    Abandoned. Betrayed. Heartbroken. All Ash felt when he found out the truth that was hidden from him for years. It marked the birth of a new and more darker generation. Not much hope was left. Ash disappeared from sight leaving no trace. 4 years on. He returns. He meets old friends as well as making new. He was reunit...

  • Vaniville High - Third Year (An Amourshipping Fanfiction) #Wattys2015
    83.5K 1.5K 31

    With Ash and Serena spending some time apart, their third and second to last year of high school begins. Now 16, Ash ensures that he keeps his promise and is determined to wait for Serena. It proves quite difficult when she is seeing someone, someone he had hoped would never go near her.

  • Soft spot
    27.4K 881 20

    Ash Ketchum is the most popular kid in school but also the baddest, he shows no signs that he cares about anything other than his Pokemon He rejects every girl and every guy who tries to befriend him , his only friend is Gary and when people try to start fights with him he gladly accepts And he clearly shows no sig...

  • To Fix a Broken Soul - Amourshipping (Ash and Serena)
    47.9K 1.2K 15

    "Up until four years ago. Team Rocket were just a bunch of crooks stealing other people's Pokemon. I never thought it would end up like this" When a war between Team Rocket and the world begins, and everyone is forced to choose a side. People will be forced to do things they never thought they would have to do. A grou...

  • Going for Glory ;; An Amourshipping Fanfiction
    237K 5.8K 62

    After travelling back to Kanto from a long holiday with his Mom, Ash finds all of his friends in the Kanto region. They all meet and discover a tournament is going on within the region, that will last for months and have a series of tests to determine the qualifying participants. Will Ash make it to the rounds and go...

  • Strength ~An Amourshipping Story
    179K 3.7K 76

    On the day the Pokémon Academy in the Kanto region receives a new student, normal days soon turn to dangerous ones. Serena Yvonne forever changes the life of herself and another certain boy. If your interested, read on! And enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon!

  • Fade Away ~Amourshipping / Adventure { Pokémon }
    21K 701 39

    The voice told her. Told Serena she must prevent the world's crisis. Collect the Stone Fragments. Summon the Beginning, destroy the End- Primia, and Wolvarak. Her life as an Eevee would be no more: the powerful being had transformed her into a human, and soon, she stumbled upon a boy named Ash and his partner, Pikachu...

  • Trying To Move On
    119K 1.5K 15

    When Ash loses the Kalos league and decides to head back to Pallet town, he asks Serena to continue traveling with her, but when she refuses because she is now the Kalos queen, she realizes her mistake. Will she ever win Ash back? Read to find out!

  • Vaniville High - First Year (An Amourshipping Fanfiction) #Wattys2015
    180K 3.5K 36

    Moving schools can be a hard thing, especially after making so many friends to prepare to make new ones in a different school, but that's how the wider world works. For Ash Ketchum, who starts 9th grade he is happy to leave his old school for a new one in Vaniville. Little does he know that drama and adventure is arou...

  • Wishes (an amourshipping fanfic)
    15.5K 231 9

    DESC: Ash is about to leave to go back to his home in pallet town, and Serena is worried she will lose him forever. When she finally asks him, what will he sat, and will she even get a chance to ask? And if their ways part, how will they ever find each other! This story is recommended for people of the age of 12 or ol...

  • Amourshipping: Loyalty Seems Hard
    158K 2.8K 44

    Betrayed. All Ash felt at the moment majority of his friends and family turned their backs on him after they heard the rumour about Ash. His Loyalty was broken with his parents and his friends. Ash felt alone. Wanting to suicide but his true friends kept him safe. They disappear for two years. Two years later, Ash get...

  • Pokemon Kalos High
    16K 537 30

    Serena is a honey blonde hair girl that is going to a new school in the Kalos region called Kalos High after moving from the Kanto region.She is very excited for her first day she meets a girl that is part of the group of kids that are the popular kids while the girl was helping Serena getting used to the school Seren...

  • The Lone Hero: An Amourshipping Story
    157K 3.1K 22

    Serena is being kidnapped by a gang of thugs. Someone comes in and saves her. Who is it? Why did he do it? Read to find out! (I'm not good at summaries, sorry.)

  • Destiny Rebirth
    847K 17.7K 84

    5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A mystery masked trainer suddenly appears and intense drama unfolds. He seems to have an interest in a certain blue-eyed performer, but why? Who's the masked trainer? What's his goal? And most important...

  • Reality - an amourshipping story
    18.3K 297 20

    "Never give up until the very end" -Ash Has the end really come, is it time to give up? I do NOT own Pokèmon, but all OCs and plot is owned by me. Credit to whoever drew the cover.

  • Pokemon Kalos High - A New Adventure - Amourshipping (Ash and Serena)
    105K 1.9K 23

    When Ash a 14 year old boy from Kanto who moved to Kalos comes to Kalos High, his new adventure at this high school will soon become his best... He'll find new friends, new rivals, new enemies, and something more... So stay tuned, be cool and happy reading

  • Pokémon: Love, Atlas, and Battlegrounds!
    167K 2.4K 100

    Ash won the Kalos League and Serena is dating him. After Sometime, A new adventure in the Kalos region will begin with old and new friends. And this time, Ash and Serena will begin the new adventure as a new Couple! And with the introduction with Tony and Yukiko, The Battlegrounds Event is Ash and Serena's New Challen...

  • Pokémon XY Ash's Kalos Journey
    70.6K 1K 44

    Ash starts his journey in the Kalos region. He learns new things, catches new Pokemon, and meets new people. But there is one girl he meets who turns out to be his childhood friend. Watch was Ash and his friends travel though Kalos and achieve is goal and find the person that was missing in his life. P.S. I added one...

  • A New Adventure
    156K 3.7K 13

    Neither Ash, nor Serena knew what the future would hold that day, but it is possible Many years later A boy And a girl Not as young as they once were Might arrive at the same airport Wearing their treasures A faded blue ribbon And a worn out hat And they might Just maybe Start a new adventure. It has been three years...

  • Hall of Fame (Going For Glory Sequel) - An Amourshipping Fanfiction
    45.2K 1.2K 45

    "How much do you want to become a Pokemon Master, Ash?" Lance asked Ash, who stopped to think for a moment about the question. "I would do anything to fulfil my dream" Ash replied, feeling that was what he desired. Lance stared back with a serious expression, his voice cold. "Would you leave your friends behind?" hi...

  • Lovely Journey : An Amourshipping Story
    17.3K 269 7

    Ash had won the Sinnoh League, but unfortunately he badly loses the Unova League. And on his way to returning to his home, he found a journalist named Alexa from Kalos. So, what will happen next? Read the story to find out (AU Ash). Contain Amourshipping, AshXSerena, SatoSere, AASL. Warning - First Story.

  • Vaniville High - Second Year (An Amourshipping Fanfiction) #Wattys2015
    101K 2.3K 34

    Now 15 years old, Ash's life had never been better, with Serena and a his friends after a year of fun experiences, he was ready to start the second year. But, little did he know is that Serena kissed Calem while in England and it haunted her to the point were she snapped and told Dawn. Another person has discovered th...

  • Kalos High - An Amourshipping Story
    150K 2.7K 40

    Serena Yvonne, a 16 year old high school student lives a normal life alongside her friends at the prestigious Kalos High. But, when a new kid comes along, how will Serena's life change? And how will it change the life of others? Will it destroy relationships, friendships or will more come from it?

  • Vaniville High Fourth Year - The Perfect Year? (An Amourshipping Fanfiction)
    58K 1.2K 31

    The gangs final year is finally here. With everyone finally settling down, everything was back to normal and it seemed like the perfect year for Ash and Serena. Until their finals arrive. Will Ash and Serena follow their own dreams or risk their futures to be together? The story will be told in the conclusion of Ash's...

  • Ms.Not-So-Perfect [AMOURSHIPPING]
    104K 2.2K 24

  • Pokemon Fanfic: The Betrayal ✅
    157K 1.3K 19

    When Ash comes home from competing in the Kalos League, he is betrayed by his closest friends and wants to prove them wrong. It is 5 years he and his true friends went missing and is invited to a world cup tournament. He goes by the name Ashura Knight. Will he prove the traitors wrong or is it true what the traitors s...