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  • starring role ▶ McCall
    5.3K 380 9

    "a certain darkness is needed to see the stars." {cover by @achillies-} {book one in the Rainbow Larsen series}

  • REMEMBER: A Memoir
    2K 138 5

    "No one gets left behind. That's the plan." A memoir for the ones who are grateful to Teen Wolf for changing their lives. We are the ones who will remember.

  • A Requiem for Sorrow - a Stiles Stillinski One-Shot
    390 18 1

    Season 3b, Stiles Stillinski. SEASON 3B SPOILERS! ------------------------------------- Following the Nogistune's downfall, Stiles Stillinski remains tortured by the atrocities of the fox's possession. Scorching memories and painful actions leave the younger Stillinski as nothing more than a broken vessel in...

  • The Other McCall ▷ Stilinski
    5.7M 138K 52

    [ BOOK ONE ] ❝ there are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared; twins. ❞ Kasey McCall is the twin sister of Scott McCall... while they look similar, they couldn't be more different... but one thing is for certain, they always have each other's back. In the aftermath of Scott getting bit by a werewol...

  • The Only One ( Teen Wolf )
    1.2M 25.1K 33

    THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK TO MY OTHER STORY "The Other Girl!" So please if you haven't read The Other Girl, please go read it first :) This second book probably WONT make and sense if you don't! PLEASE GO READ "THE OTHER GIRL" FIRST AND STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW! I just don't want to spoil anything for you guys if you...

  • Fireball || Derek Hale [1]
    1.4M 36K 29

    "It ain't about how hard you can hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward." -Rocky Balboa (Season 1) (Imelda Drake series) (Book 1) COMPLETED T E E N W O L F (OC X DEREK HALE)

    Completed   Mature
  • Deadpool \\ Derek Hale [1]
    1M 32.5K 35

    Names on a list with a price were all they were. Humanity was pushed out of importance; the lure of money lingering overhead. The weaponry increased in Beacon Hills, and so did the body count. Mystery creatures and newly bitten ones aren't making it easier and neither is hidden history coming up to the surface. ...

  • The Other Girl ( Teen Wolf )
    7.4M 145K 93

    Scott's sister Emily gets herself into trouble when she falls for a guy who might cost her more than her heart. This is a Pg-13 story. It will contain adult material so please be warned. (JUST TO CLEAR UP SOME STUFF! If you do not watch Teen Wolf you will be able to understand this :) I will explain everything that g...

  • Fallout ▷ Stilinski
    998K 31.3K 25

    [ BOOK THREE ] ❝ the fallout is still coming, it won't stop for anything. ❞ Money makes the world go round, and Beacon Hills is certainly no exception. Especially when a supernatural deadpool is issued, and every member of the McCall pack's name is on it. Once again, Kasey finds herself being targeted due to her extre...

  • Clairvoyant || Stilinski [1]
    1.6M 65K 81

    When Stiles' trusty Jeep falters on him, the sarcastic boy is caught in a drifting state and only one person can see him. Jacy, a whisperer of sorts, has dealt with plenty of ghosts, but Stiles is a different case entirely. She has to put Stiles back in his body before it's too late and hopefully survive something cal...

  • Combustible || Teen Wolf [2]
    500K 15.9K 23

    "We stopped checking for monster under our bed when we realized they were inside us all along." -The Joker (Book 2) (Season 2) COMPLETED (Imelda Drake series) (Book 2) T E E N W O L F (OC X DEREK HALE)

    Completed   Mature
  • Bugs || Malia Tate
    147K 5.6K 25

    "There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were..." (Season 4) (Bugs Stilinsk) (Book 1) (Cover by @hypnotistic) COMPLETED T E E N W O L F (OC X MALIA HALE TATE)

  • Unraveling » Stiles Stilinski
    252K 7.9K 20

    ❝I wish that I didn't wake up with amnesia, so I could remember all the stupid little things❞ Who was she? No one knew. What was she? No one knew. ❦Follows Season 2 of Teen Wolf❦ ©SaskiaRose All Rights Reserved 2014 {I do not own Teen Wolf}

  • UNFINISHED Stydia AU - Room Mates - Teen Wolf.
    609K 20.3K 36

    "One love, one house." .............. Set in an alternate universe where Stiles and Lydia had never met, they are stuck as room mates for a year. It's not ideal. Stiles has no idea how to act around her, and for once, a boy is somehow making Lydia nervous. It's complicated. Meddling supernatural friends aren't much he...