ChanteSaitou's Reading List

  • Mahogany Desires
    • book_worm_
    • 42 parts
    • Updated 5 months ago
    725K 11.6K

    Mr. tall dark and handsome Jason Mills was always particular when it came to women that he associated himself with for one reason: they all had an ulterior mot...

  • Head over Stilettos for my boss...
    • HakunaMatata00
    • 39 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    1.2M 18.7K

    Maxine Rivers has a rule: 'Never mix business with pleasure'. It's a rule that she's followed her entire life, and it helps that her dad fully supports her whe...

  • The One That Got Away (Maybe)
    • SheWillBeLoved123
    • 18 parts
    123K 1.7K

    Dante West is a very successfully, very lonely businessman. While he was occupied building his company, he had no time for love. Because of an abrupt incident...

  • Do You Or Do You Not Want Me, Mate.
    • TheRedDelilah
    • 9 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    530K 8.3K

    When Travis, Serena's mate, picked her sister over her, she couldn't help but think her fear had came true. She was denied by her mate. Choosing the easy...

  • In Love With A Stripper.... Literally
    • XxLiLyCatherinexX
    • 29 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    442K 3.1K

    "...I got on the stage and saw him. My body, mind, everything focused on him, only him. As my eyes locked with his, it was only the two of us in the room, oh h...

  • My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate
    • katnisslerman16
    • 27 parts
    6.3M 130K

    Haven Mathie was forced to move all the way across the country. Why? Because she turned into a gigantic wolf on her sixteenth birthday, leaving her parents a l...

  • Then there was love
    • discodiva90
    • 12 parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    13.4K 377

    “Look… Brad all this happened a long time ago. Our marriage and everything in it is over. I came to make everything legal. I want a divorce. The papers we sign...

  • My Private Celebrity
    • iPurple
    • 23 parts
    1.9M 17.1K

    Callie Preston is just you’re average looking girl. What’s special about her though, is that she lives in an apartment building that’s full of MODELS! Not only...