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  • Zodiac Adventures: The School for Heroes and Villains
    75.1K 3.4K 33

    "Welcome, my dear heroes and villains to the School for Heroes and Villains, also known as HV. You will be trained by the best of the best, to be the best of the best. The moment you slack off consider your powers... poof! Gone! Any questions?" Headmaster Orion asks. Various of hands shoots up. "None? Good. Let the ba...

    Completed   Mature
  • Clown Time!!!!! [Art Book Maybe 7?]
    2.6K 290 26

    this time featuring me as the clown I am! sometimes I cosplay, sometimes I just... show you my face. mostly art! ♡♡

  • The Lovely Suicide Children
    1.7M 120K 83

    They say every dead person has a home. Olivia found her home with The Lovely Suicide Children. At first, it was everything she could ever imagine. However, the first impressions are usually wrong. (Trigger warnings)

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfectly Imperfect - Danisnotonfire X Reader
    8.7K 632 51

    You have just moved to a new apartment building when you bump into a gorgeous neighbor - who is a YouTuber you know way too much about. While on this crazy journey, be ready for insane plot twists and genre switches. Oh yeah... I also have an unexplainable love for cliffhangers XD What can I say, some crazy Dan x Read...

  • Mask
    527K 10K 16

    A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the Devil And son of Death himself Put them together in a high school with the devil as the principal and things are bound to go wrong. It's about to...

  • Light Behind the Dark (Dave Strider x Reader)
    222K 6.6K 47

    You're just a lonely high-school girl... Who happens to be suicidal. But of course, this all changes when the boy of your dreams waltzes right into your life. Rated PG-13 for strong-ish language and possibly triggering events/words/phrases.

  • I bet you guys are tired of this lmao - Art
    7.5K 1.2K 85

    Featuring Terezi

  • The Big Book Of Sadstuck
    216K 8.6K 141

    All the sadstuck headcannons in one book! If i miss any feel free to leave it down in the comments, i hope all of you enjoy! :3

  • Back To Us (sequel to Enemies In Love)
    103K 4K 47

    *completed* (Sequel to Enemies In Love) High school is over and college begins. Its time to move away from home where everything Y/n has known and loved and move into a small dorm room with someone shes never met. After Jack and Y/n broke up they grew apart and never talked. Mark has tried multiple times to put them b...

  • Enemies In Love(Jacksepticeye X reader)
    293K 9.8K 60

    *Completed* ~THIS STORY, ALONG WITH THE SEQUEL, IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE AND HAS MANY, MANY MISTAKES! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!~ Sean McLaughlin. The name Y/n hates most. Sean, but as most know as Jack, and Y/n don't get along. They argue all the time and their friends are tired of hearing it all the time. They tell them t...

  • Undertale Themes with Lyrics
    1.3K 84 7

    Heyyy, I just thought it'd be fun to add lyrics to some of my favorite Undertale themes. So yeah, here we go! Thank you Toby for creating such a wonderful game, i had fun making these lyrics, even if I don't do the songs justice.

  • Three Strikes (An Undertale Fanfic)
    237 18 1

    1... 2...... 3......... Y O U ' R E O U T . That's how they will play this game. All it takes is for three red X's to illuminate, and then... it's GAME OVER. Who will die? Who will live? Now that... that's up to YOU. Join in on this choose your own adventure story, and determine the fates of out beloved monsters an...

  • Ol' Fools Day (Undertale Fanfic)
    1K 152 7

    This will be a relatively short fanfic. I was going to make it a one off, but I realized that part way through it was at the 4000 word mark, and decided it would be wiser to chop it up. And the characters you see in this are a little different then my normal head cannons, but either way, I hope you enjoy this short st...

    Completed   Mature
  • MCSM Stories
    12.6K 418 51

    These are MCSM stories that I am writing for practice. These aren't weird shipping stories, but some pretty edgy stuff. You have been warned. A lot of these stories contain dark themes. (All collabs in here are with @Mevi_Mev) Art by me MCSM belongs to TTG

  • Text Time! (MCSM texts, emails etc.)
    104K 3.1K 55

    This is basically what the Orders of the Stone do when you aren't playing...

  • MCSM Memes: Volume 1
    248K 10.4K 200

    Best rating: [#50 in Random, 30/08/2017] Because why not? Got any suggestions for what the captions ought to be? Go ahead! Made using imgflip and my unbeatable skills at capturing screenshots.

  • Found...//DanTDM X Reader
    11.4K 299 15

    SEQUEL TO "LOST...//DanTDM X Reader" Now that Dan is 18, he has to leave for college.He applies for a college in London and decides to move there leaving you behind. In between all that, he decides to open a YouTube channel, "TheDiamondMinecart". Little did he know that it would become a passion. When it's time for y...

  • The Book of One Hundred Truths|| Sans x Reader
    26.2K 1.9K 19

    You are a liar. A huge one, as a matter of fact. But you're given a book by your aunt who told you to write down at least one hundred true things. It doesn't seem so bad right? But what happens when your cousin's friend won't stop bugging you about said book? Will you reveal the truth about yourself, the weird feeling...

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    19.1K 840 5

    Finally, after all these resets, it appears they finally got their "happy" ending. However, not all of them feel the same way. Flowey and Sans are the two left who remember what happened, and they are filled with resentment. Just the knowledge of the resets can be nearly maddening. However, Sans keeps his smile. Bu...

  • My Art Book
    28.4K 2.9K 133

    I'm trash... And not great at drawing.... Imma regret this.... I know imma regret this.... BUT OH WELL (Cover, not mine xP)

  • Falling For Marionette Prequel to Falling For Foxy
    55.8K 2.6K 12

    This is the story as to why Puppet wants to kill you in Falling For Foxy. This is the series of events that led to you going to the pizzeria and falling in love with Foxy. In this you will be your dead mother for she plays an important role in this and then you get shipped with Marionette.

  • Undertale Characters React to Ships
    276K 8K 87

    Okay, so basically, I'm going to try to take any canon clues I can find to come up with their reactions to the ship. It will follow the same order as my own opinions if you want to compare or something, xD. But this is all for fun! I don't even know if I'm gonna portray them right, but...HERE WE GO!

  • Undertale One-Off Challenges
    150 10 1

    Me and my friend @msrose712 challenge each other to different One-Off topics. So, how it will work is we'll have the topic name as our title then the story underneath. So let's see how crazy these challenges get and have fun with it. Stay determined!

  • Rights and Wrongs (Undertale Fanfic)
    11.8K 418 11

    Hey, Turtle here! Me and @StarryPenName did a collab together! We both will have the full story, so whoever you find first, don't forget to head over to the other person's, and give them a few votes... or something... or just say "hi" for me.... Oh, also throughout the story, there will be a subtle reference to the r...

  • Undertale One-Offs (REQUESTS OPENED!!!)
    1.8K 131 9

    Erm..... Imma just write stuff....some will be long, some short, it will matter on the request. Also some requests may take longer than others so bear with me xD. Also, I probably won't be taking many XReaders, they personally make me uncomfortable, therefore they would take FOREVER to come out.

  • Undertale Truth Or Dare!!! (Part 2)
    5.5K 222 36

    That's right guys and girls! I'm back to put your favorite Undertale characters and AUs through a living hell with a part two!! Yeah nah guys sorry it's done. Thanks for all the happiness along the way, and I hope you're all doing great in life ***DISCLAIMER*** Undertale belongs to Toby Fox and the AUs to their respe...

  • Ask and Dare the Undertale Characters
    44.3K 2K 73

    What the title says...

  • Buttercups ( A Flowerfell Sans x Reader ) {Editing}
    30.3K 127 4

    The world is an unfair place. And you of all people should know that. You will face love and happiness, anger and hatred, and when you think you trust them you will face betrayal. Well, remember you did ask for it when you decided to spare them all. What's the moral of this story? -Sometimes kind...

    Completed   Mature