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  • Breathe Me Back To Life •Patrick Stump+Fall Out Boy•
    943K 36.4K 73

    After being attacked at a house party, Cole Wentz has been diagnosed with insomnia, severe anxiety, and is showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No one knows what really happened to her, but her brother, Pete Wentz, is determined to find out. That's where Operation Breathe Her Back To Life comes in. Take...

  • Not Today (A Josh Dun fanfiction)
    27.3K 793 9

    ** Maybe it was that they both found each other strangely interesting. Maybe it was the fact that they both had neglecting parents. Maybe it was the fact that no one seemed to care. Whatever it was, Josh Dun and Max DeAngeles never thought they would relate to someone as much as they did with each other. Through up...

  • Razorblade |-/ Tyler Joseph Fic
    57.5K 2.5K 25

    Tyler Joseph, a senior in high school, knows Lizzie from class but hasn't actually talked to her officially. It isn't until he sees the scars on her legs that he works up the courage to offer a shoulder to cry on, which eventually turns into a different kind of relationship. TW: depression, suicide, self-harm, smut

    Completed   Mature
  • let it land✘josh dun/twenty one pilots
    53K 2.9K 37

    ❝I need to pull it together if there's no one to catch me.❞ ✘✘✘ in which a girl runs away from home for college and meets an eighteen year old josh dun. that's how the story starts. fast forward to that same boy being the drummer of electronica duo twenty one pilots, it doesn't seem to end so easily.

  • Light My Way Back Home •Patrick Stump+Fall Out Boy•
    131K 7.6K 31

    SEQUEL After the Discomposed Composers tour comes to a close, Cole Wentz returns to Chicago, Illinois with confidence, a self esteem, and a ring on her finger, courtesy of Mr. Patrick Stump. The two build their lives together, getting married and eventually having a daughter named Maya Alison Stump. Everything is goin...

  • (Don't) Leave Me Alone •twenty one pilots-Tyler Joseph•
    929K 36.5K 63

    Charlotte Robin Dun is a smart girl- really. She just makes some poor choices with even poorer judgement. Her best friends aren't exactly the best of role models either. Her parents are upset with her, her brother Josh is disappointed in her, and Tyler Joseph- the boy with a gigantic crush on Charlotte- just wants to...