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  • I Pray for Death
    26.2K 641 19

    Memory has been abused and hated for the past two years. "I prayed for death but like I said God had stopped listening to me a long time ago."

  • My Ruined Life
    10.7K 165 2

    Jayla always had a huge crush on Carter, and jumped right to the opportunity of spending the night alone in his arms. Little did she know that, that would be the one night that ruined her life. Her innocence was lost the night that the video surfaced on the internet and the whole world saw her lose her virginity. Her...

  • Kendall
    2.3K 130 6

    Kendall lost her entire family in horrible accidents. Living at her aunt and uncle's house, she has turned to cutting herself to deal with all her losses. She thinks she can keeps her secrets hidden all over her body, but then she meets Brody Stratford....

  • So called perfect
    1.2K 14 6

    Of course only a few know her secret. She got sexually abused, lets just face it raped,