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  • Shadow Weaver (Back on Wattpad 2020!)
    2.4M 155K 58

    "Mooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeee, this book is like air, i need it!" @noromance101 "These chapters are written BEAUTIFULLY! You are, without a doubt, my favorite writer on this site. " @nagykt "Reading this feeds my soul." @Yrthraethra Sixteen-year-old Mirra can see people's memories. She is a Shadow Weaver, one of the out...

  • The Omenwright (ORIGINAL DRAFT)
    2K 240 27

    In a distant land of ethereal beauty and forgotten tales, Merral, the daughter of a cheated baron, seeks retribution for the crimes of the oppressive Ascendancy and its Empress. A diverse group of outcasts accompanies Merral out of the wilderness with a scheme to topple the regime from the inside. The true colors of h...

  • The Legend (The Celtic Chronicles)
    7.4K 961 44

    Medieval Ireland Elise is the great granddaughter of the infamous Snow Queen, Elsa of Arendelle. Like her, she never asked for the "gift ", or her outrageously long golden hair that carries more weight than her tiny body can handle. In fact, it's one of the reasons why she's been locked in the mysterious tower that s...

  • Heart Of Embers (Slow Updates)
    1.4K 243 16

    The king and queen have been murdered. Witches are after the throne, wanting to rule over Lorelie. But what they don't know is that the princess is still alive, and ready to get her revenge. But what the princess also doesn't know, is that she is not entirely human. What happens when her powers are out in the open, kn...