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  • All Gone to Dust
    69 6 5

    Harry's a cardsharp worn thin by time, scoured of his ideals and passions by a world ruled by fear. His past is littered with the broken, and the dead. A failed revolution has left him an outlaw, hunted by pitiless arcane powers, and the resentful remnants of the failed rebellion itself. He fears for his daughter, t...

  • Shadow Road: Book 1 of the Shadows Rising Trilogy
    29.6K 3.2K 58

    Brenorra Warring's father is going crazy. That's the only conclusion Bren can make when a fire destroys everything they own, and his answer is to take a job in the uncivilized Coalition Colonial Region on the other side of the ocean. Then disaster strikes again. Her father is lost at sea, and Bren is left with nothin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Geneva Run
    64 12 3

    Tygan Reaver has never had it easy. His parents ran from the Arius Station massacre only to die, homeless and destitute, in the brutally dangerous Understory of the Andaran Megapolis, a vast, sprawling, overpopulated trade outpost in the Interstellar Collective. Left to fend for himself at the age of twelve, he learns...

  • Short Man On The Tall Mountain
    297 36 4

    Short Man has a problem. He can't make things the way his brothers can, no matter how hard he works, or how much he studies. Even worse, what he can make doesn't seem very useful... until he meets a girl named Olivia, and discovers that what he is good at can make a surprising difference. This was the winning contes...

  • A Litte Probing
    41 4 1

    Mr. Delvin has a spider problem and will need the help of his tech friend Alex to get rid of them. The spiders aren't the only thing invading Mr. Delvin's life. The modern world is determined to help him whether he wants help or not.

  • Taste and See
    759 140 31

    Poems with no particular theme, fresh and strange.