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  • La Dolce Vita
    21.7K 796 3

    ____\\ She guesses it all started when Dinah suggested (read: peer pressured) her into signing up for a dating website specifically for people who met her kind of...needs. ____\\

  • Ain't That a Kick in the Head (Camren)
    129K 3.2K 21

    On an abrupt, ill-advised vacation from Los Angeles, Camila trips right into Lauren Jauregui, a local shop owner in faded red shorts. It starts with surfboards and a jellyfish sting. Camren AU.

  • girl is like a sunburn (camren)
    149K 4.5K 5

    Camila always feels like she’s just a few breaths away from Lauren swallowing her whole.

    Completed   Mature
  • beyond the monotonous city
    200K 7.6K 55

    Lauren is the girl who thinks her life is as good as over. Camila is the girl who believes her life has truly just begun. What happens when they walk into each other's life? The two discover for themselves what it really means to live, to love, to feel joy and sorrow and to make the most out of life in a monotonous ci...

  • One Dance
    13.3K 722 1

    I danced with two people at my wedding. The one I married, and the one I wish I married. Cover made by Slothato 👌🏻

  • Napkins (Camren/Norminah)
    819K 20.8K 32

    Lauren leaves napkin note for a certain brunette everyday, in a way to woo her heart.

  • The Climber (Camren)
    104K 3.8K 9

    Lauren Jauregui is a climber or more professionally speaking, a mountaineer who's having difficulties resisting challenges. She truly believes that her entire existence is based on beating the odds or more so, she feels like her purpose is to defeat them, no matter how troublesome they might be. Luckily Lauren is goo...

  • hopeless.
    11.4K 387 1

    Camila has found most people irritating and obnoxious since that night, but that changes when an equally as broken girl literally walks into her life. Camren One-Shot

    Completed   Mature
  • Shower Me in Love (And Coldplay)
    10.9K 496 1

    Lauren's kinda sorta in love with the girl who sings Coldplay in the dorm shower room. And it's no big deal but like, she's also pretty sure that they're soulmates. Cover by SLOTHTATO

  • Quicksand (Camren)
    255K 11.4K 51

    (Completed) Camila finds herself in a situation that she isn't sure she could get out of. Bad lifestyle choices caught up with her and now she feels like she's slowly sinking. She felt like she was trapped in quicksand and the more she struggled the deeper it pulled her in. Will someone free her from the Quicksand tha...

  • You Make Me Feel Alive
    39.5K 1.4K 3

    Lauren has spent her whole life hunting down ghosts and sending them back behind the Veil. It's her duty. Camila doesn't exactly have a steady heartbeat and sometimes she finds herself drifting through the bathroom door. It's complicated. Cover made by @SLOTHTATO

  • A Lonely Woman
    10.2K 251 1

    Lauren, a crippled, lonely woman, one day meets Camila on the beach

    Completed   Mature
  • Let me hear your thoughts [camren - au]
    341K 12.7K 16

    Lauren isn't normal. She can read minds. Hear minds. It's both a blessing and a curse. If she had a choice, she'd pick being normal in a heartbeat. Except that day. -- If you're reading this, read Kill next.

  • Infatuation (Camren)
    620K 13.7K 22

    A passionate affair. It started as mere physical attraction, but has developed into something much deeper. Camila must figure out what the right choice is, and if she has the strength to make it. Camila G!P

  • Anthomania
    16K 1K 1

    Camila works as a florist. Every day, a certain green eyed costumer walks in, buys one flower and gives it to her.

  • The Donor (camren)
    2M 53.5K 32

    Camila's daughter wants to know who her 'father' is. How can Camila explain they were a sperm donor and how will she react to the information she finds when tracking 'him' down? Warning: Lauren's intersex in this story and though I've tried very hard to respect the condition and make her story as realistic as I could...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carry Me To Bed
    44.3K 1.6K 1

    Camren one shot

  • Missing (CAMREN) /COMPLETE
    50.1K 1.9K 14

    AU... I can't leave. Not until I find it. It can't be lost. It can't.. ------------ PS: THANK YOU @Izyshipcamren for the cover for this story 💓

  • the first. (Camren fanfic.)
    40.4K 2.2K 11

    story about Camila and her firsts with Lauren. Cover credits: @slothato (like cmon, of course )

    Completed   Mature
  • Through Her Eyes (Camren)
    739K 29K 30

    Lauren never planned on living in the house she lived in. She never planned on working the job she worked. She never planned on befriending a strange girl named Camila, either. Lauren never planned a lot of things.

  • Monochromatic (Camren)
    104K 5.7K 10

    The circus was stupid and a total con act. That was something Camila felt strongly about. Camila Cabello did not believe in things like magic and wonder and simply did not exist and there was no arguing about it. Now, after being forced by her mother to go and spend time with her little sister, Sofi, she...

  • Test Subjects (Camren)
    3.4M 58.6K 32

    Lauren & Camila, struggling with their sex life in their marriage, offer to be test subjects for a therapist's new book 30 Ways in 30 Days. 5HFanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • The Prostitute
    216K 5.3K 17

    Lauren, the rising star of New York, was beginning to feel the stress of fame and her work. Add to that the lack of company, and orgasams, she was definitely in need of help.Thanks to Dinah, she meets g!p Camila, the prostitute. But is that all she ever will be to Lauren

    Completed   Mature
  • like a forest fire | camren (au)
    55.4K 2.6K 3

    On the first day that Lauren starts working at Starbucks, she swears to herself that she will never write her number down on someone's coffee cup. // "What do you write about?" "Anything that interests me." "Like what?" "Things that people talk about in cafés. Cities. Winter weather. How the sun is going to die one da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Do I Wanna Know
    10.1M 149K 50

    This story is not mine. I do not own anything. All credits goes to the brilliant author of this story, Jazmin (@moviegeek120). You can also read this story on All the fanarts in every chapter are made by Laura_Snow

  • The Way to Love (Camren)
    1.1M 26.4K 34

    It's a new fad. 36 questions that one stranger asks another that should make them fall deeply in love in a matter of hours. People are always thinking about love and relationships; the dynamic characteristics of affection and intimacy open up countless windows for new research, and newer propositions. Is falling in lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cinnamon Buns (Camren)
    606K 14.5K 27

    (Completed) Lauren is a recently divorce bakery owner with two young sons. In need of a new baker Lauren hires Camila, she doesn't know it yet but she's ends up being just what she was looking for. But there is no short of drama for Lauren when she has to deal with the father of her sons. This story is not to be dupli...

    Completed   Mature
  • blue ➸ camren
    4.4M 143K 37

    SECOND BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES After a long and lengthy journey, Lauren finally believes she and Camila have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. But when the past comes back to haunt them, they find themselves in a completely new playing field. Change suddenly begins to overtake them, in more ways than one. ...

  • Lifeboat Lighthouse
    1.2M 39.9K 44

    Camila's entire life had been mapped out for her since she was child, she would go to college, study business and then eventually take over her father's company. It was a life she never wanted but had no say in at all. But when the privileged daughter of a multimillionaire meets Lauren, a waitress on the luxury cruise...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stripper (Camren)
    8.9M 178K 61

    Have you ever imagined having two lives? Be two people at the same time? I bet you have. But between thinking about it and actually living it, there was a very big difference, believe it. Imagine... Camila, a sweet and delicate woman. Karla, sexy and imposing. Which one would you choose? What's your type? Hard, I kno...

    Completed   Mature