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  • Defiant
    372K 10.4K 59

    This is how I think Allegiant should have ended. They deserved a life. And family. They went through too much. So here is my idea of how it should have ended: Tris prior survived the weapons lab and tobias saved her. What will they do now? Will they live in peace now that the factions have been reinstated? What happen...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're the one
    63.5K 2K 25

    What if Tris's place of origin wasn't from Chicago? How would Divergent be like then? Tris Prior has lived her whole life in the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. When she's 16, suddenly one day, she's called to David's office. She's given a new mission.She has to find one person and this person will help the Bureau with inf...

  • My Guardian Angel
    83.2K 3K 28

    So this is my first attempt at a Divergent AU. Beatrice Prior is a military brat. She's been all over the world with her father, a General in the Marine Corps. Her father is currently stationed at Camp Lejeune while she attends college. She is unaware that her life is about to take a crazy turn when she takes place in...

  • Reunited ( tris is alive)
    261K 6.6K 38

    After Allegiant, tris wakes up and figures out she never died, but everyone thinks she was, she was simply in a comma for a year then tested on for another.When her and Tobias Reunite will they finally get the normal life they deserve?Updated at least once a week, I plan to make this as long as an actual book. All cre...

  • Without A War
    140K 2.6K 30

    Tris and the new members of Dauntless celebrate with a good old fashioned game of Truth or Dare (but more like Candor or Dauntless). Things are looking up and life is good. At least for now. **Was titled- Divergent No War: Candor or Dauntless

  • Free Rein
    41.3K 2.1K 37

    Eighteen year old Tris Prior is the first daughter. Her mother, the President of the U.S., keeps her on a tight leash. Tris just wants to be free. Her mother reluctantly lets her go to a concert in France while they're there for politics. During the escape from the bodyguards at the concert, she runs into Four, who gi...

  • Divergent Blood
    7.2K 227 14

    Tris is starting as a sophmore at Divergent High. She is glad that her parents have finally found a stable job and won't have to move anymore. But something seems odd about the students at Divergent High. Flashes of red, long nails, what is going on? FourXTris ChristinaXWill MarleneXUriah ShaunaXZeke

  • Unnoticed (2018 Watty's Long List)
    93.4K 4.7K 69

    Tris Prior is a normal sixteen-year old teenage girl. Junior year of High School has started, and she expects this year to be as casual and similar to the past years of her life. She's grown up with her friend Christina, and they never felt the need to expand their number of friends, because they had each other. As...

  • Divergent High: Fire And Ice
    138K 3.7K 48

    "I would still risk my life for him. I would do anything for him just like I know he would anything for me."

  • Model Transfer
    36.4K 881 14

    Young teen vogue and Victoria Secret model tris prior transfer's from New York City to Oakland and goes into oakland academy when her parents move hoping for a fresh start free of paparazzi, when tris starts at the new school she doesn't fit in gets in trouble and moves to divergent high, and gets friends and falls f...

  • Divergent high 4+6
    40.7K 1K 10

    Dawn AKA: Tris Prior is starting school at Divergent High. She decided to be dawn because she wanted to be treated like a regular teenage girl. Will she be able to live her high school years with that secret or will she be exposed to the world and be treated Famous. (Sorry i'm really bad with summary) This book is de...

  • Divergent High: A Different Story
    54.4K 2.1K 44

    After watching her parents die before her eyes, 17 year old Tris Prior and her brother Caleb Prior have been in and out of foster homes. Recently they have been changed into a new one. In this new foster home, Tris gets beat every day from her new foster father, making her life even more unbearable than it alread...

  • Tris Prior
    199K 6.1K 54

    "Will he save her?" // 1/3 books :) // CAUTION: Explicit Content

  • Divergent FBI
    54K 1.3K 24

    Enough Fourtris fluff, action and humor to make you keep reading, nuff said? No- tris becomes part of the FBI, a lot like dauntless, so please read, it gets intense, after the first few chapters. Hey, I'm a better writer then summarizer.

  • Divergent FBI
    136K 3.7K 44

    After a tragic loss, what will Tris do with her life. Taking on after her parents and joining the FBI, Tris and her friends take on the biggest fight of their lives. And it's not for the last piece of Dauntless Cake. Action.Love.Knifes.Dauntless Cake This is Divergent FBI ~One choice can transform you~

  • Divergent High // Divergent AU
    198K 6.5K 58

    Tris Prior moves to Chicago from California. She meets the queen bee Lauren, head of the cheerleading squad. She also meets Lauren's boyfriend, Four, the schools head quarter back. What will happen when the two social classes collide? Read to find out! I'm bad at descriptions but I promise it's better than it sounds...

  • Divergent Powers
    7.9K 282 14

    Strange things are happening to the Divergent gang. For some reason, all of them are getting super powers! Did they get these powers for a reason, and if they did, why?