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  • Drowning (A Phanfic)
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    This is my will be switching point of views. The first few chapters are bad but...happy phanning! (< idk...) [please note: There will be trigger warnings. I will put warnings before and after every scene, and I try to make them small so you don't miss much] -Keep fighting, C

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    13-year-old Iris has been living her life trapped in lonely foster homes. She's moved almost every month, due to being antisocial and distant towards the families. Nobody seems to understand the trauma she's dealing with; the memories of her biological family constantly haunting her. It's impossible for her to feel a...

  • Adopted by Danisnotonfire
    59.4K 176 8

    Brooklyn prides herself on being quick to adapt to situations because of her upbringing, but when two high profile people decide they want to start a family; she doesn't know if she's able to go through with it all ***THIS FANFICTION IS CURRENTLY UNDER-GOING RENOVATIONS***

  • My two fathers- a phanfic
    11.4K 549 67

    What if the life you were living was all a lie? Lucy is the adopted child of Dan and Phil who seem to be acting weird just before she starts her new year at school. A flashback to the past where the two boys met at school reveals why.... Some mentions of suicide, death and slight gore

  • Adopted by Dan And Phil (DISCONTINUED)
    24.4K 1.1K 23

    When Amanda takes the risk of actually coming down for interviews, she might actually get adopted. A young girl, two weird YouTubers, one big adventure! Warning: this may be triggering due to cutting. I know this said there wouldn't be Phan, but there will be :) Update: This story has been discontinued for various re...

  • Broken Hope (Phanfiction)
    40.5K 1.4K 42

    So close to breaking. She's so close. . She can't escape her thoughts. She only has her older brother left, the only thing that gives her hope. How much longer can she take it? Then it happens. That night. Everything is messed up. Everything. Will she give it all up? Or will someone save her just in time? What happene...

    Completed   Mature
  • IS THIS A DREAM//adopted by Phan
    11.5K 353 24

    dan and phil are on tour yaay!!! alex a 14 year old girl goes to visit them, what she gets out of it is more then she had imagined