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  • For You • adrienette au
    255K 12.4K 35

    "I swear I feel like I only play for you." Once upon a time a pianist fell in love with an understudy. TRANSLATIONS: Italian- @BrightestBlackHole Spanish- @Nakiwe Turkish- @LunaTranslations

  • The Jewel Doesn't Matter [ML Soulmate AU] {Adrinette} |✔|
    241K 9.5K 43

    Whenever someone is born, a certain special piece of jewelry appears on a part of your body. A boy and a girl would be paired up, and have the same exact same piece, that changes its color depending on when they'll meet. • Red: 10-15 years left Orange: 9-7 years left Yellow: 6-4 years left Green: 3-1 years left Blue:...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tutor Sessions ||Adrienette
    388K 15.6K 26

    ❝Even if there was no gravity left on earth I'd still fall for you.❞ Sometimes, failing at things can lead to something beautiful; just like when Marinette failed Chemistry class. How can having a failing grade lead to something beautiful? Well, it's simply because their dear Chemistry teacher asked Adrien Agrest...

  • A Miraculous Duo (Book 1)
    240K 9.5K 32

    Though his partner had told him not to fret over her friend he couldn't help but still have that poor girl on his mind. That grab to her wrist looked hard, really really hard. As soon as he snapped back into focus he saw a shoe in Ladybug's hand and cocked an eyebrow in a confused manner. But, his lady had a game plan...

  • Miraculous Adventures of the Ladybugs and Chat Noirs
    54.5K 2K 16

    "I knew a Cheng girl..." he said, remembering the vibrant young girl. "You did? Cool!" Adrien Agreste is excited, his cousin Felix is moving back to France from America. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is doing her usual business and is now helping around her parent's bakery more. Of course she is doing this with the help of...

  • Marichat
    441K 18.6K 45

    A Marichat fanfic may have ladynoir or adrianette later :) Cover done by the awesome Mathy_writer

  • For Forever | Miraculous Ladybug
    11.1K 738 22

    This is a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic including Adrienette and Ladynoir, so yay for fluff! Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the daughter of the most well known bakers in Paris, but is forced to help with the bakery when all she wants to do is draw. Meanwhile, Adrien Agreste is the son of a famous workaholic that creates lines...

  • His Fragile Heart (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)
    99.8K 4.9K 10

    Adrien tries his best to maintain a positive attitude towards his friends. Even his father. But sometimes, certain things affect people in ways unimaginable. When Adrien finds out that his father hadn't actually made him the scarf on his birthday, he feels rejected and hurt. While confronting the issue to his father...

  • A Miraculous Fairytale
    264K 12.6K 20

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng is an average peasant girl growing up in a small village named Parisilia. It is strictly under the rule of King Gabriel. Since her father was murdered by the King's men years ago, she has learned to fend for herself with the help of her friend Alya. Living in the village isn't easy, especially...

  • People Change
    140K 6.3K 23

    Warning: This story is very sad. Read if you dare ;)

  • Safe House • Marichat
    203K 10.2K 45

    Marinette made a mistake. And the only one that could protect her from that mistake is Chat Noir. Now, Chat Noir has become her safe house. I do not own any of the characters, besides The members of Proietille Velenoso, or otherwise stated. These characters belong to Thomas Austruc and the show Miraculous Ladybug Cove...

    Completed   Mature
  • The dancer inside
    184K 7.3K 27

    This is my FanFiction of the Miraculous ladybug break dance AU. I never have written a miraculous ladybug FanFiction. So yeah here it is! I do not own the characters from miraculous ladybug! This is a FanFiction.