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  • Three More Days and Nights
    800 62 4

    (The sequel to "Three Days and Nights") A man banished from a kingdom, a girl with conflicted feelings, and a king with a plan. Christine is engaged to be married to King Raoul after she is successful in her final performance. After being banished, Erik leaves to make a plan only to save his beloved Christine. But Er...

  • Lovely Illusion
    2.8K 198 10

    This is my version of Love Never Dies really. What would happen if Erik Destler didn't leave Christine that night? What would happen if he stayed with her?

  • deal with the DEVIL
    1.8K 139 11

    Christine Daaé, Erik's -the Phantom's one and only love has died. He cannot live without her. He knows they will not meet in the afterlife if there is one at all so he will make a deal with that infamous satyr...

  • Shattered Rose
    5.3K 307 25

    Christine was proposed to by Raoul soon after finding out her true passion for her Angel of Music. Afraid of her love that could be with Erik she accepts Raoul's proposal and instantly regrets it.

  • Asylum Ghost (Phantom of the Opera)
    20.4K 1K 30

    Amber is the carefree daughter of a wealthy banker. When her father dies she learns that due to a a stipulation in his will she will have to marry Nicolas Lord. Horrified by the thought of marrying a man she doesn't know and the loss of her beloved father Amber has a complete mental breakdown. Nicolas doesn't care wha...