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  • My Protector
    28.9K 1.1K 29

    December 13th, 2013: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria is reopening its doors, with the return of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, along with their new friends Ally Alligator and Kenny Kangaroo, at their new karaoke stand! But the man in purple is back, with two new victims to boot. But when one narrowly escapes being stuffed...

  • The JereMike Collection
    511K 9.9K 26

    (Completed) Just a couple of one-shots between Fazbear's snarky security guard and dweeby nightwatch. I do not own Five Night's at Freddy's.

  • Creepypasta poems
    13.5K 948 22

    this book is about creepypasta poems and these poems sort of explain their life

  • In Honor of Creepypasta
    241K 10.2K 137

    Since I haven't seen other people doing this, I am. This is made for all Creepypasta fans out there. If you're not a fan, than please don't hate. I just wanna spread the word. In this book you'll find Creepypasta related stuff, but mostly quotes. Everything I put in this book are part of the results when I google "Cre...

  • Creepypasta Memes And Comics (・∀・)
    85.9K 3.1K 203

    The title <3 At one point it kinda breaks off for a sec but it's strictly creepypasta memes <3 the good memes are at the end! #1 in Creepypastamemes ❤(ӦvӦ。) Started: July 25 2017 Ended:

  • Creepypasta Zodiacs
    12.8K 196 27

    Check it out

  • The Guardians: The Pastas (A CreepyPasta Fanfiction)
    314 29 8

    Soul Serenity isn't your average 13 year old. Being bullied for her whole life for having Bipolar disorder and Tourette's Syndrome, and having extremely pale skin. After being kidnapped and taken away from her abusive father and abusive school, she is taken to live with the CreepyPastas. But what is shocking is that S...

  • Girls Only 2
    1M 93.6K 200

    New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 If you loved Girls Only! you'll definitely love Girls Only 2. Funny posts that only us girls can relate to, this is not the place for you if you're a guy! You've been warned😂

  • Creepypasta Zodiacs
    40K 785 21

    These are zodiacs that have to do with creepypasta. So don't judge if it's bad I'm typing this from off the top of my head since I left my stories at school. Anyways hope you enjoy :) And sorry if I leave out a creepypasta you like I don't know all of them. This is kinda random kinda not, I'm at least trying to pair b...

  • -Creepypasta Zodiacs-
    256K 6.4K 45

    -A book that contains Creepypasta Zodiacs-

  • Creepypasta Zodiacs
    208K 3.5K 38


  • Creepypasta Zodiacs
    2.2M 56.6K 93

    Wattpad's very first Creepypasta Zodiac book! ONLY UNTIL 100 CHAPTERS

  • The Red Journal
    6.8K 155 19

    ATTENTION!! READ BELOW BEFORE OPENING!!! This is all of The Red Journals contents, for those who are interested. I will try to keep this updated frequently, but please be patient. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED, AS THERE IS VERY SENSITIVE AND TRIGGERING PHOTOGRAPHS!! UPDATE 1/14/2018 I have recently found out that som...

  • Creepypasta Zodiacs #1 ✔
    3.1M 42.4K 200

    Zodiac signs that involves Creepypasta. Play around and see who, how, why, where, and what you're signs do. Request are ALWAYS open. I hope you enjoy. Cover by me.

  • Creepypasta Zodiac Signs
    143K 2.3K 27

    Creepypasta was my first love so I thought... why the hell not?

  • Creepy Riddles And Stories
    503K 15.7K 78

    Can you find the answer to these riddles?

  • 。*♡✿ ❝ ᵂᵉˡᶜᵒᵐᵉ ❞ ᴍʙ/s
    624 197 18

    I don't know what's going to be in here :v

  • How To Summon Creepypastas
    440K 6K 82

    If anyone is hurt trying to summon them, don't blame me. Its your fault for trying them. This is a 13+ book. If you don't listen to me and continue to read, that's your problem.

  • face (ticcimask)
    63.9K 1.5K 9

    ok, had a dream last night about this. had to write it down.

  • How to take care of Ticci Toby
    47.7K 1.6K 4

    This is the proper book for taking care of Toby Erin Rogers please read before purchasing your Toby. Some facts may be vital!

  • Creepypasta Zodiac Scenario/Headcannon/Song (Request)
    712K 14.1K 205

    Wanna know what the creepypasta family think of you? Here you can also be apart of one! This is also a scenerio, song and headcannon! Please request if you have any idea! ----- I do not own the creepypasta or any other horoscopes thank you

  • Offenderman x reader - The real you
    249K 7.2K 23

    Beauty and the Beast, that's what they could say, But as soon as he met you, his heart changed that day, And before his heart was broken in two, But he began to feel it mending, because he met you.

  • FireStarter - Ticci Toby x Reader
    78.7K 1.8K 31

    This is my first creepypasta story so I hope you little Bolts enjoy ^^ ~~~ What would you do if a man came into your house and offered you a job as a killer? Would you go with him, fall in love with him, and sacrifice everything to keep him? Or would you knee him where the sun don't shine and call the cops? *May inclu...

  • Anime Drawings ! (and random stuff)
    220K 10.2K 128

    Konnichiwa ! I am GeekForever17 and welcome to Anime Drawings . Well its not all about anime but random drawings . My drawing is not that good but its up to you . Thanks to everyone who supported my book or art book . Love you guys a lot ! WARNING - I'm a slacker.

  • Killer Instincts (Jeff The Killer Romance)
    2.8K 143 12

    Jeff never thought that he would ever fall in love after he went insane. But all those thoughts changed when Lilly, a typical girl, refuses to be scared of him. Lilly's world changes completely after she meets Jeff. She doesn't have a problem with him and starts to care about him and he protects her. She falls for hi...

  • Interesting Wish (Discontinued Read rewrite)
    13.2K 467 23

    IMPORTANT: This version of the story has been discontinued and will no longer be updated. If still interested then please read the rewrite! I've always had the wish to find someone who loved me and to live happily with them. My name is Mina and I'm 16. I think I finally found love on my sixteenth birthday. BUT.... it'...

  • Jeremike - Connect
    65.8K 1.6K 15

    HEY PAL BUDDY! THIS STORY IS DISCONTINUED! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, MESSAGE ME OR SMTH??? 'It is for a fact that you won't have things your way. You won't always get what you want. And it seems impossible to get that happiness you have stored. But you can, you can regain that happiness. You can only work and suffer...

  • Jeremike-You're Different than the others
    183K 6.3K 43

    Mike believed the world hated him. Jeremy wished to start over after moving away from his dad. When these two meet, Mike will learn that sometimes life can be even more terrible than how it has been treating him. The amazing cover was drawn by MutantTrickster!