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    "An eternal love like Romeo and Juliet" Fate's cruelest games had separated them from each other. Can Fate also be the means of their reunion? A heart touching love story which began in Somerset, one summer, fourteen years ago . Fate brings back the lovers together again. This time, sealing their fates together, forev...

  • R U N
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    Sienna, Zach, Sawyer, Haley, and Gray are all forced to be flown off to Isla Nublar to spend the summer with their cousin Aspyn, her "best friend" Callum, and their aunt, Claire. But what happens when a "few" dinosaurs escape their exhibits? {I do not own Sawyer, Zach, Gray, Callum, Owen, Claire or any names from Jura...

  • The Fallen Angels Of Seaside High
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    I was considered an outcast, he was considered a popular boy. We were called the Fallen Angels of Seaside High, and they were called the Internet Kids of Seaside High.

  • Serenity's New Life: Youtuber's Down The Hall 3
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    Everything's changed now that I've confirmed that I'm dating Shawn. The boy's kicked me out of Magcon and they hate me now. I miss Magcon, but I know they will never make an exception for me. At least I have Shawn..

  • Youtubers Down The Hall 2
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    Serenity is now officially included in the boys tour. Carter seeks revenge and Ser has to make choices that will threaten her relationships with the guys and none the less hurt her. How will she face her problems?

  • Youtubers Down The Hall {#Wattys2016}
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    Serenity Stevenson is moving into a new apartment, little does she know her favorite YouTubers live in the same hall as her. Cover by @PanicRobinson

  • Trailers I have made
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    Trailers I have made for people that ask. Want one for your book? Ask and I will do it. : ) So far I have done one for Stylomez. I hope she likes! Check her book out too if ya don't mind. She is an amazing writer! You would rock my world guys if ya did! :) <3

  • Love and rivalry
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    I have been wrenched away from my bestfriend time and time again.. I have lived with my other one Sabrina.. Finally I have returned home and start school at a school named Hearst high... With a broken heart I hope will be healed I get to be with my true love once again.. Maybe... But the rivalry with my father and...

  • A Flame In The Dark (book 2 of AFL series)
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    There in the dark was a burning flame.. It was a flame of many meanings.. A flame of hope.. A flame of love.. A flame Of life... A flame of courage.. Love is put to the test. Choices must be made. Another villain rises up.. And people come back.. Sacrifices must be made. The flame must stay burning. No matter th...

  • Me and My Sisters <3
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