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  • Wretched And Divine (BVB Fanfic)
    3.6K 111 28

    A normal preppy girl goes dark and learns the ways of the Black Veil Brides team as she figures out her past, her future, and what really happened to her sister. This is a more open, and longer story of Evelyn "Eve" Black from Legion of the Black. This gives more of a dialogue and detailed story of what was happening...

  • I got kidnapped by black veil brides?!
    3.6K 120 8

    devon is abused by her mother, and excuses her self, when five men jump out and grab her. but what happens when those five men are far from a normal person? more importantly, what happens when it rubs onto Devon?

  • Kidnapped by Black Veil Brides
    9.6K 218 13

    A girl named Angel and her brother Jacky get kidnapped by their favorite band but, things don't go as you would think. Angel develops hatred towards each member. So does Jacky. Read on to find out what happens next...

  • Kidnapped by Black Veil Brides
    86.3K 2.9K 43

    Hell or as you may say Home. My life wasn't great but not bad enough to end it. How does my life change? I went to a Black Veil Brides concert.

  • The Perfect Weapon ( Andy Biersack Love Story)
    50.6K 1.2K 9

    Danielle Carter is a beautiful girl. Even though she might not think she is even pretty. Danielle is 18 years old, living with her abusive step-father and her mother who is a drunk. Everytime she gets into an argument with her step-father or her mother, she listens to Black Veil Brides. When her step-father hits her...

  • When Andy saved me. (Andy Biersack love story)
    30.7K 673 12

    Lucy feels like no one cares about her, she attempts to end her life but an unlikely group of men become her saviours.....

  • Beautiful Remains (An Andy Biersack Love Story) [COMPLETED] {1}
    580K 11.4K 32

    FIRST BOOK IN THE "Beautiful Remains" SERIES Nikki's older brother has finnaly saved her from the hell she has come to known as life. But shes keeping 2 secrets from him. Will Nikki finnaly come clean with either or will they stay hidden from the world forver. Join Nikki in the rollercoaster that is life. Nikki Purdy...

  • Burning Tears (Andy Beirsack love story)
    11.5K 432 12

    Iris Conners is a girl who has shed many tears, and she was cursed as a baby when her father cheated on a woman with her mother, and she cursed her. The woman said "When your baby girl turns 20 and falls in love, another girl will kiss her true love and she will cry, and when she does her tears will burn and scar her...

  • The Physician (an Andy Beirsack love story)
    23.5K 495 17

    this is an Andy Beirsack love story. NOTE: CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. *Unless you're into that. then read on*

  • I'm Slowly Drowning {An Andy Biersack Love story}
    118K 3.4K 24

    Alexandra is a lonely, 18-year old, Danish girl. But when she buys a ticket to a Black Veil Brides concert and at the same time signs up for a competition, her world is turned around in no time. If she wins this competition, she's not just going to meet her idols and heroes, but she'll get the chance to tour with the...

  • Second Chances *An Andy Biersack Love Story*
    473K 17.2K 73

    Star Flanders is not the average teenage girl. She goes through a lot at home, and is bullied everyday at school. One day she met a boy named Jamie Winters, and the were instant friends, then more then friends. While Star and Jamie are dating, he is able to get a hold of 2 Black Veil Brides backstage passes. This is...

  • Adopted by Black Veil Brides *FINISHED* (Watty Awards 2014 finalist)
    929K 21.7K 44

    I am Amethyst and this is my story of love, life, and never giving in...nope just kidding this is actually my story of being Adopted by Black Veil Brides. Follow me on my journey with BVB as I deal with heartbreak, pain, hate, new people, my best friends One Direction, and even death. ORIGINAL EPILOGUE IS NOW AVAILA...

  • Rescued By The Saviour (Black Veil Brides fanfic)COMPLETED
    727K 24.3K 88

    Kenadee was in a happy relashinship till her boyfriend of 3 years had cheated on her at a black veil brides concert. When she found out she winded up falling into the arms of Andy biersack.

  • Angels ( A Black Veil Brides Story)
    124K 3K 18

    Charlie has never told anyone about the hell she lives in with her younger brother Mike. Their parents have gone mad after their little sister Helena died. Until the day she goes to see Black Veil Brides live. Andy decides to save her, but will he make it with a fifteen year old girl?

  • I Was Saved By BLACK VEIL BRIDES!?!
    92K 2K 10

    Cassia Jones changed herself in an attempt to gain friends after moving from rainy London to sunny California, what happens when Cassia is attacked and is saved by none other than her secret idols Black Veil Brides?. Will she enjoy the company of BVB or shrink back in the crowd of her fake friends? Will love blossom...

  • Adopted by Black Veil Brides? (Under Editing)
    425K 16.3K 40

    Lily is fragile , broken and a bitch. Not to mention the adopted daughter of lead guitarist Jake Pitts of Black Veil Brides.

    Completed   Mature
  • Jacky Vincent: A Love Story
    94 3 2

    Isabelle is new to LA. A new college student trying to make it into advertising. She never thought it possible she'd run into a band member in a book store. Let alone that he couldn't stop looking at her. Where will this unpredictable event lead either one of them?

  • Venom Love {Jacky Vincent Love} ON HOLD
    1.3K 30 7

    Helena moved to the United States when she turned eighteen. She'd always dreamed of moving there, from the boring little town in Scotland, to the huge state of California. When she gets there, she finds an interest in music, learns to play the guitar, and becomes an assistant manager at a music store. However, she nev...

  • My Warped Love - Jacky Vincent Fan Fiction
    15.8K 235 10

    Natasha Valentine is the lead singer of the band "No Tomorrow". Her band are called into a meeting last minute but the question to ask is, will it change her life, or potentially crush her dreams?. This leads them to cross pathes with Natasha's old friend, which leads to a new romance blooming. Will the feelings of he...

  • Little Miss Radke (Falling In Reverse) (Jacky Vincent Love Story)
    18.5K 399 33

    Vamparia "Vamp/Vampire" Thames moved to Wales after her father got her mother pregnant with twins and couldn't stay to handle the pressure of looking after a child. Who could blame him? Young, attractive, he was about to achive his dream of being a rockstar. Vamp hated him. She was possibly the biggest Falling In...

    Completed   Mature
  • my jacky vincent love story
    297 8 7

    Penelope wasn't the outcast. She was the popular cheerleader and it all changes when her mom gies to sweaden whithout her.she is sent away with her aunt and her cousin takes her to warped tour. there is the place where one guy will change her life forever.

  • Just Let Me Know When We'll Make It Through (Sequel to MHHLAHY)
    39.8K 1.6K 61

    Life for the Vincent family has been nothing but great. But what will happen when someone wants revenge? Can Leigh and Jacky protect their daughter?? (Sequel to 'My Heart Hasn't Lost All Hope Yet')

  • Your back, and I'm broken (Jacky Vincent fanfic)
    1.7K 33 8

    Averie Colers is a 24 year old musician. In her career she is known as 'Anthem'. Her touring band is 'The anthem' so warped tour 2015 comes along and she was chosen to play. Well there are old friends that have left her with unspoken words. How she speaks those words is through her music. Well the one person that hurt...

  • Falling For The Guitarist (Jacky Vincent Fanfic)
    625 17 11

    Harper has been a big fan of Falling In Reverse for 2 years now and has been wanting to go to one of their concerts for a long time. So when her girlfriend Sam gets tickets to go she was estatic. Some crazy stuff happens and she ends up homeless. Jacky Vincent finds her crying and he invites her to tour with the band...

  • Venom Love (Jacky Vincent fanfic)
    470 24 3

    Life is expected to be great. And it was for these group of friends. Abigail is a girl that went through hell for the person she loved to also expect something in return. But soon she finds out it's not all fun and games but more like risking your life but is it worth it?

  • It All Started With That Lime Green Guitar (Jacky Vincent Love Story)
    5.7K 188 8

    Jacky Vincent and Ronnie Radke meet Amethyst at a guitar store and have a threesome to apologize after Jacky is rude. Jacky falls for Amethyst but Ronnie and Amethyst fall for each other. Will Jacky ever get the girl of his dreams or has his shyness stolen yet another opportunity from him?

  • Love On Mute (Jacky Vincent Love Story)
    545 34 2

    Nirvana meets Jacky Vincent from Falling In Reverse in a library. They both start falling for each other but will Nirvana being mute get in the way of things? Read to find out!

  • It Sucks to be in Love [Jacky Vincent]
    6.8K 137 3

    Ronnie wasn't supposed to have a hot sister, who could play the guitar, make Jacky laugh and be on tour with Falling in Reverse. And Jacky, wasn't supposed to fall in love with her. *Previously 'I'm in Love with My Lead Singer's Sister'*