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  • Fins and Feet (Redney)
    4.5K 187 14

    Adam drags the guys out to hike, and shows them a hole. One of them feels drawn to the hole, and out of curiosity, go explore. What happens? Who is it? Find out in, Fins and Feet (Redney)!!(cover by @FromARealMermaid) Hey guys our first book!!! Make sure to check out @Jin_Owner and @FromARealLifeMermaid because we are...

  • You Couldn't Be Any More (a Redney Fanfiction)
    9.4K 284 12

    When Red is invited to work at the offices, he finds someone he can never live without. Does he find love? Probably yes.

  • Kaytlen Love Story
    104 4 4

    It the story of Kaytlen's love life and the story of her life

  • Mithross! Mass or moss :3
    266K 7.4K 43

    When Ross decided to pull a simple prank on Max....oh I can't do a serious blurb YOUNG LOVE WOOOOO I LOVE THIS SHIP!!! (This is now completed so you don't have to worry about updates.) THIS COVER IS NOT MADE BY ME. I REPEAT I DID NOT MAKE IT!! But it is really great huh?

  • Seattle (Jinbop x Reader and Ross x Reader) Book One
    46.3K 1.6K 34

    "This is.... Incredible." I stammer, walking towards the rail. He walks up behind me and puts his arms around me from behind. "Almost as amazing as you." He smiles, resting his head on my shoulder." -Seattle, Chapter Eight: The Date --- When faced with a new job, Y/N will now be working with her brother and his co-wo...