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  • Inside the Atom
    12.3K 428 7

    "Hi! I am so happy to have found you. For a long time I thought I was alone :-)" Since humanity started texting a mysterious celestial neighbour, fifteen-year-old Leonard Yates had only one dream; to join Earth's finest scientists delving deep into space to meet the entity named Archer, who lives alone on a resource-r...

  • The Littlest Giant
    7.1K 158 3

    Never let fear hold you back. In the year 2045, Janessa Hurley teeters at the cusp of a new cybernetic age filled with the promise of human healing and mobility. Her research could be the key, but she'll have to navigate a treacherous maze of greedy malefactors and idealistic biohackers to bring her dreams to life. A...

  • Our Place in Space
    19.7K 528 4

    When young astronaut Johnny is denied the opportunity to travel to space, his best friend and GE Galactica virtual training programmer Alan programs a solution. But neither of the friends could imagine the impact their work would have in discovering the planet's place in space. Thanks to @scifiwriter for the amazing c...

  • More Power to America
    12.1K 319 5

    More Power to America is an exciting mystery where a young modern day technician who must use all her skills to solve a mystery in a town with no power, no phones and no internet. But by unlocking the town's secret past, she may be able to secure its future.

  • Adventures into the Future
    14.6K 307 5

    The world's richest venture capitalist Fiona McCallister learned the hard way that money can't buy you everything. Grieving from the loss of her daughter who died in the 2018 London Smog Event, she decides to run a competition to try to find a new, revolutionary and renewable way of generating electricity. The prize...