• My Crush is a Lesbian(Lesbian love story)
    • charmz0208
    • 79 Parts
    • Updated Apr 20, 2016 05:34AM
    274K 3.8K

    This story is all about a lesbian na simpleh lang naman.Di masungit.Di rin masiyahin.Yung tipo ng taong go with the flow lang sya.But unexpectedly someone has a crush on her.Isang babae na sobrang attractive.Kahit sinong taong tumingin sa kanya napapangiti sa simpleng lakad at tindig nya. #Hope you like it guys.. Offi...

  • My Ex-boyfriend's girl (girlxgirl)
    1M 15.9K

    Meet the Brentwood high's queen bee, Frances Montejar. Lahat na ay nasa kanya... she's pretty, popular and rich but she's also cold hearted. When she found out that her ex-boyfriend would return from the US, she suddenly felt this uncontrollable urge to seize him. Kaso lang ang problema may dalang "excess baggage" a...

  • My sweet condo-mate (girlxgirl) Completed
    864K 12.5K

    Jace Chloe Lim found herself stucked with Ms. sungit - Alexis del Rio. Due to series of unfortunate events, Jace had no choice kung hindi tiisin ang masamang ugali at pagtrato sa kanya ni Alexis lalo na magkasama sila sa iisang condo unit. What if one night umuwing lasing si alexis and she accidentally kissed Jace...

  • Faking It (girlxgirl) Completed
    367K 5.6K

    Nicole,a beauty queen,asked Lemery to become her fake girlfriend just to avoid her very possessive ex boyfriend Jam. Nicole rejected Lemery after she told her about her feelings for her which caused her deep heartbreak. What if it will be the other way around when Nicole eventually falls in love with Lemery after caus...

  • My Lovely Roommate
    293K 4.5K

    Kimberly Alcantara was just a simple kid who loves to cook, sleep and eat. A very independent girl, she ran away from home and found her way back to the Philippines where no one knew her as the Multi-billionaire's daughter. She enrolled herself to a school to finish the course that she wanted. Then she met this lovely...

  • Strange Love (Bisexual Love Story) FINISHED
    853K 8.8K

    Gender Identity Crisis written by: lady_phoenix16 GENRE: Shoujo Ai, Drama, Romance, Humor, Psychological, Slice of Life THEME: Forbidden Love, Brother and Sister, Famous Lead, Gender Identity Crisis, Posessive Female Character, Rich Kid TEASER: Shaine is a famous model. Maganda, mahinhin at matalino. Kinababaliw...

  • Butch and Femme (Oneshot Lesbian Story) FINISHED
    30.4K 307

    Rated SPG. Naglalaman ng BS sa pagitan ng dalawang babae. Madadala kaya si Candice sa makulit na panliligaw sa kanya ng butch lesbian na si Jenny? Ano nga ba ang tunay na pakiramdam ng isang tomboy? Gaano kahirap ang pinagdadaanan nila? Light Humor Lesbian Romance.

  • The Rules of Heart (Bisexual Love Story) FINISHED
    1M 12K

    Maldita, Spoiled at Laitera ang rich kid na si Avril. Parusa na nga ba sa kanya na nainlove sya sa katulad rin nyang girlaloo? Pero paano kung hate sya ni Sydney? Ano ang gagawin nya para makuha ang atensyon nito?

  • Miss Cool meets Miss Nerd
    170K 2.8K

    PROLOGUE.... sya yung tipong walang pakialamsa iba at cold sa mga tao. kahit ganon pa ang nangyayari hinahangaan sya ng lahat. they always say she's perfect sya si Miss Cool eh pano kapagnakilala nyaang taong tahimik at mahinang nerd .she's not perfect at all.they alwayss call her Miss Nerd. magiging complecado ba an...

  • Love Me, Don't You? (GirlxGirl)
    37.1K 542

    Prequel ng Revenge Is Sweet. Tunghayan kung paano nagkakilala, kung paano nabuo ang pagmamahal nila Rain at Jill at kung paano nasubok ng iba't ibang problema ang relasyon nilang dalawa. Lorraine and Jillian is LOVE. XD

    • dark19
    • 30 Parts
    • Updated Jul 12, 2014 01:34PM
    247K 4K

    Sequel of Falling Inlove with my Roommate girlxgirl,lesbian love story po 'to....

  • Falling Inlove With My Roommate Book1 Complete
    • dark19
    • 25 Parts
    • Updated Aug 15, 2013 01:49PM
    179K 3.1K

    ang ma-inlove sa isang tao ay normal...ang mainlove sa dalawang tao ay nagkataon, pero main-love ka sa dalawang tao at parehas pang mga babae? kabaliwan ba o tinadhana na mangyare? this my story,nang magkaroon ako ng mga bagong roommates na nagpabago sa mundo ko. At nasabi ko na i started to fall inLove with my Rooma...

  • [IIWL 2] The Beginning of Forever
    72.1K 839

    Hanggang kailan mo mamahalin ang taong hinding hindi na babalik pa? At kung babalik man siya, paano kung iba na ang mahal mo sa pagkakataon na iyon? Matutuwa ka ba? Babalikan mo ba siya? O hahayaan mo na lang na mawala ulit ang taong gustong gusto mong makita noon dahil iba na ang mahal mo. *** ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©...

  • I'm inlove with a ... LESBIAN?!
    305K 2.5K

    Handa ka bang mag-bago para sa taong mahal mo? *** ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2013 BY ITSTHEGRAVITY Credits to the owner of the picture I used to make the book cover. [a/n: May book 2 po ito and "THE BEGINNING OF FOREVER" po ang title.]

  • Miss Imperfect
    78.6K 1.8K


  • Miss Playboy ( Lesbian Story )
    • letmebed1
    • 73 Parts
    • Updated May 22, 2016 09:18AM
    3.1M 42.1K

    Normal na kay Jean Kaye ang magpapalit-palit ng girlfriend, minsan pinagsasabay-sabay pa niya ang mga ito. Isa lang naman ang gusto niya, iyon ay ang maikama ang mga babaeng nabobola niya at kapag nagsawa na siya bigla na lang niya itong hihiwalayan and she would proceed to a new one. Ngunit iba ang pagkatopak...

  • Forbidden Flower ( Lesbian Story )
    1.6M 20.9K

    Meet Jillian the famous Varsity Player lahat halos ng student sa Campus at ibang Universities pangarap maging malapit sa kanya. Kilala siya being Popular, Beautiful and Rich girl and Anne the Transferee. Beautiful,witty pero snabera at masungit. Kakayanin kaya ni Jillian na ilapit ang sarili niya kay Anne?

  • Forevermore (GirlxGirl) - Completed
    701K 8K

    Sino ba namang hindi mapapalingon sa taglay nilang karisma, si Kristle na isang mala-korean actress at si Raffy na isang Filipina version ni Megan Fox. Bata pa lamang sila ni Kristle ay may lihim ng pagtingin si Raffy sa babae. Sa edad na anim na taong gulang alam na ni Raffy na hindi siya pangkaraniwang babae. Tugu...

  • Flares of Dawn (Sequel of Forbidden Flower) Lesbian Story
    2.5M 33.7K


  • Split Genius
    3.1M 35.4K

    Simpleng Psychology student lang naman si Genesis eh. She took up that program kasi gusto nyang tulungan yung mama nya sa psychological clinic nila. But it’s not only that, she’s greatly interested in the program too! She’s interested with how the brain works-- how it affects one’s feelings and thinking. One day, so...

  • Impermissible Love (Lesbian Stories)
    • LYtein
    • 9 Parts
    • Updated Jan 28, 2014 08:02AM
    21.7K 680

    Sisters can also be more than sister, you know?

  • Kiss and Tell
    251K 5.3K

    "How can I love someone else, when I know that they can never be her?" This story is about reality, betrayal, cheating, trust issues, new beginnings, and of course, love. This is a story about a person who has it all. Well, almost. She had the life, the job, the looks, wicked sense of humor, great friends, but why do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Melting Ms. Cassanova's Frozen heart (girl x girl)
    • shei21
    • 48 Parts
    • Updated Jun 06, 2014 02:04PM
    435K 4.5K

    Raulette Van Flinn A charmer who mastered the art of finding ,meeting ,attracting and seducing her beautiful prey into the bedroom. But behind her charming face there's a heart that longing for someone. A heart that cries every night. A heart that totally frozed up for long time. will someone help her to melt her f...

  • Playgirl meets Ms.Sungit(girlxgirl)
    350K 5.5K

    The playgirl doesn't believe anymore in LOVE cause she experience a break-up... Si Ms. Sungit NBSB maraming nanliligaw pero wala pang sinasagot dahil takot siyang magmahal altough she believe in the word LOVE... will they find love kahit na magkalayo ang personality nila sa isa't isa?....hhmmm..well just read and find...

  • Love and Proportionality (girlxgirl)
    553K 8.5K

    Is there still a chance for an unrequited love? Possibilities are always low for a normal circumstances. But when homosexuality speaks, it'll become six feet under. Why? Cause it's not only the feelings and emotions that are now involve, When a girl loves a girl LOVE itself has its own diversified PROPORTIO...

  • Marrying a Stranger Part 2 (girlxgirl)
    231K 3.1K

    This is the second book of Marrying a Stranger, a story about two strangers who got married, namely Alex and Cathy. What will happen after their marriage? What if another woman tries to enter their relationship? Will Cathy and Alex say goodbye to each other? Let's continue the fairytale of Marrying a Stranger (book...

  • My Kuya Jay's Girlfriend [GirlxGirl]
    1.8M 29.3K

    Ciel Lobregat - Star of the volleyball team. Incredibly popular. Rich and very beautiful. She's kind but kinda mysterious. Everyone likes her... Except me. I hate her! Why? Because she's a thief! She stole my first love, at maging ang aking first kiss. At ang nakakainis, may plano pa 'ata siyang nakawin pati ang pu...

  • Marrying a Stranger (girlxgirl)
    345K 4.8K

    Cathy came from a rich family but everything changes when their business went bankrupt .For her to help support her mother financially, she entered the modelling industry, knowing that her job does not help her earn much for a living,she then marries a wealthy and gorgeous lesbian(as her family all died in a plane cr...

  • SHE! BOOK 1 (girlxgirl) COMPLETED
    235K 2.3K

    SAME SEX relationship? May makakaunawa pero mas marami ang hindi makakaunawa. Men are for women and women are for men daw. Pero hindi ba pwedeng women are for women din?