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  • Peter Parker's Diary - A Parkner Fanfic
    8.5K 321 9

    Set in the marvel cinematic universe after the events of Spiderman Far From Home (but not the mid credit scene), Peter Parker has a crush on Harley Keener, the new kid at school, but while he tries his best to get noticed by him, Flash Thomson's persistent bullying is getting worse and worse, and Brad Davis doesn't se...

  • F*ck You! Where In Love
    127 9 1

    ***Mature content is advised to you weebs*** You and Cody are deeply in love but his tours keep getting in the way of your guys relationship so you decide to go with him on his tour for like the 100th time. But when you want to be with Cody the boys always seem to make it harder for you two expeshacilly Maxx.

  • Max Is The One {MithzanXReader}COMPLETED
    609 11 13

    First book!!!Hope you guys like it!☺Lots of swearing.And cringe.Dont absolutely LOVE the endings!!It struck my heart so hard when I read them again!Especially the bad ending!It was so sadddd.THE FEELS. AGHHHH. lol

  • Max X Reader -Dream (COMPLETE)
    20.7K 475 25

    You are Adams Sister he doesn't approve of anyone so what will you do when you fall for max?

    Completed   Mature
  • Max's Magic Book
    1.6K 83 31

    Max's awsome book ending!

  • I Love You...
    485 8 13

    A Mithzan Max fanfic....

  • Why do you hate MithzanXreader [dis-continued]
    24.1K 773 51

    Why do people hate me?

  • Loving the Editor Mithzan(Max X OC) Book 1 {Under Editing}
    47.1K 1.3K 45

    Your brother is SkyDoesMinecraft and you are moving to Washington to work with him will you fall for the infamous editor.

  • Remembering Him
    40.5K 1.5K 47

    "Who are you?" I don't know who he is. - "If you are who you say you are.. I'll try my best to remember you." - I'm Cassandra Rose. Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that could become cancerous. Two weeks ago, I went into surgery. And those two weeks ago, I lost my memory. Of friends. My family...

  • True love (Max/Mithzan x reader)
    12.2K 424 22

  • The One Who Turned My Life Around (Max X Reader)
    11.3K 419 34

    You're 14 years old, with abusive parents, no friends, and you're bullied. This may sound like your average love story, but the details say otherwise. He saved you. Or did you save him?

  • The Gamer (mithzan x reader)
    7.9K 359 36

    you move to Washington to move in with your best friend. then one game night she invites some friend and one you fall in love with.

  • <3 Stupid Ginger
    2.1K 90 14

    MithzanXreader fanfic cuz why not and I'm new to this so it will probz suck but I try anyways... ROSS! I knew he did it. He did it on purpose. He smirked at me. I didn't know what to feel. Angry, happy, mad, joyful, but then Max walked in and my face flashed bright red. He chuckled. "Why do you like like a tomato that...

  • Difference - Max X Reader
    1.8K 116 6

    You meet them at an electronics store, buying the same thing but somehow meeting. Something was different about you.

  • Creative And Mad // Mithzan x Reader
    11.5K 602 58

    "I prefer Creative." Y/N says. -=-=+=-=- A Mithzan x Reader fanfiction -somewhat frequent updates- Also on Quotev. @Kaiyeli

  • Fallin In Love [[Mithzan x Reader-Chan]]
    32.2K 595 12

    You where a YouTuber. That's all there was to it. You had 1.5 million subscribers and where proud of 'em. Then you get a very important email from a very important person asking if you would come work in the place know as Sky Media. You where ecstatic! But, of course, not everything goes to plan. Yo!! Just thought yo...

  • Sally x Jack
    1.2K 22 3

    Jack and Sally fall in love.

  • Nightmare After Christmas
    4.1K 137 13

    We all know the story of the Nightmare Before Christmas, when Jack tried to steal Christmas, Oogey Boogie tried to destroy Sally and Santa. Jack saves the day and he lives happily ever after with Sally. But have you ever wondered what happened...after? Well, you're in for a big surprise. And the ghouls are just dying...

  • Jack x Sally
    76 0 1

    A short fanfic of Jack and Sally's love.

  • Jack x Sally
    11.9K 215 17

    A nightmare before christmas fanfic

  • Jack X Sally fanfic
    4.2K 55 4

    I wrote this is my lonely days... don't Judge!! but anyways it's a simple love story between Jack the pumpkin king and the lovely Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. Hope you enjoy!

  • Jack x Sally
    12.5K 327 11

    Jack falls in love with Sally but neither of them know it yet. how will they both react? how will they feel? what will be come of their relationships? (read to find out)

  • Adopted By... (Choose Your Own Path)
    5K 165 5

    "Three of the couples want to adopt you." Your heart stops. That means that at least two, if not three of your favourite Youtuber couples want to adopt you. "One couple is Dan Howell and Phil Lester, one is Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, and the final couple is Beth Bates and Joseph Garrett." You almost scream with shock...

  • Stampy and Sqaishey: Second Chance
    49.1K 1K 18

    After the disastrous events that occurred after Stampy and Sqaishey became an official couple, Stampy wakes up from a two long month coma. After a long, long time, he still remembers all of the things that has happened in his life. Especially the times that he has with Sqaishey. This does include her death. Her horrib...

  • Slipping away
    3K 106 25

    The Sqampy Story told by Squid. When Stampy started dating Sqaishey he was so happy. But he forgot Squid. Sometimes, Squid felt like he was still there. But sometimes, He was not.