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  • Avengers Preferences ✧DISCONTINUED✧
    2.5M 76.1K 109

    Preferences of Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, Pietro, Bucky, and Loki. // Warning: Swearing. Will not be in any particular order. // A C H I E V E M E N T S [highest rankings] [#1] in 'Avengers Preferences' [#5] in 'Avengers' [#18] in 'Fanfiction'

  • Avengers Imagines
    238K 5.9K 27

    ((discontinued)) all in the title Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Avengers or any Marvel character mentioned.

  • Marvel Imagines
    12.2M 388K 200

    Completed. Second book is Marvel Imagines 2. Made: 11 May 2015 Completely: 6 November 2015

  • Avengers Imagines & Preferences
    636K 15K 55

    Update 2019; If you want to skip to the better imagines go number 28 Imagines and preferences about; + Tony Stark + Steve Rogers + Loki Laufeyson + Peter Parker + Peter Quill + Thor Odinson + Wanda Maximoff + Bucky Barnes + Bruce Banner + T'Challa + Natasha Romanoff + Clint Barton + Sam Wilson

  • Avengers, Loki & Bucky Imagines and Preferences
    492K 13.6K 50

    A book of imagines and preferences for the Avengers, Loki and Bucky Barnes. At present it includes Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Loki, Bucky, Clint, Natasha and Pietro.

  • Avengers Imagines
    544K 14.6K 90

    Find yourself in a whirlwind of love as you get cast into the life of the Avengers... Special ones will be added with how the films have panned out or how we all want them to go... Requests DEFINITELY taken!!!

  • Marvel Imagines 2
    5.5M 205K 200

    Made: November 5, 2015. Completed: February 15, 2016.

  • Marvel Imagines
    169K 5.1K 39

    A mixture of imagines from throughout the Marvel universe.