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  • Servamp Headcannons
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    *ON HIATUS* These are just a bunch a weird headcannons and random stuff I had for Servamp. Servamp doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Strike Tanaka, the author of the manga series. (Chapter 69 had me like ?)

  • Behind a Cat's Smile
    2.6K 76 14

    "A cat that prowls under the moonlight that grins in darkness, the Alicein's Cheshire Cat - Céline Midnight. She's an informant who used to work for C3 under the codename of "Wildcat" but soon left to freelance to get what she desires: Freedom. She was later found by the older Alicein brother and the Servamp of Envy a...

  • The Other Servamp (A Servamp Spin-off Story)
    4.4K 270 53

    Before his death the founder of the Servamp siblings hid his personal journal. The journal contained the steps on how to create a Servamp. For many years the journal stayed untouched; stashed away in an ancient library until one young man found it. From that day on the young man commenced to dabble in the engineering...