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  • ⚡️; All We Have Is Now
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    "In which three kids lose too much, too soon" [full summary inside] First book in the Jason duology #2 in boysdocry © All Rights Reserved 2019 Ariana Carmel

  • Hoist the Colours
    545 61 11

    ❝The king may rule the kingdom, but it's the queen who moves the board.❞ - D.M. Timney Thrust into an all-new adventure, the fourteenth Duke of Monmouth, Nathaniel Osborne feels the winds of ill fortune blowing stronger than ever when he and his manservant, Benson, are forced to board one of the most feared pirate shi...

  • Swirling Storms; ON HOLD!
    622 48 10

    In the great land of Orphyis, there are too much bloodthirsty rulers than it should have. Wars are a vey frequent occurrence. So much unnecessary blood are spilled. There is another war yet to come, a war unknown to man. It is slowly swirling like storm, a storm with a power so great, anything on its path vanish into...

  • Kidnapping Colver [on hold]
    684 38 8

    Colver Coffey has always been pretty ordinary; so much so that he may as well have World's Averagest Person tattooed on his forehead. The one thing he is exceedingly good at, however, is the knack of getting into awkward situation at the worst of times. But even he doesn't realise just how bad he has it until he's acc...

  • Triangle | ✗
    102K 5.3K 39

    THIS BOOK HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The first casualty of war is innocence. #12 ACT; wattpad featured story © 2016 caterina george // all rights reserved

  • The Sanctuary of Memory
    17.3K 369 1

    The end justifies the mean. © 2016, adriana | (act #61- 210817)

  • Superhero Chaos ✔️
    171K 8K 34

    "Every time I knock you out, you drool," Phantom points at my black shirt sleeve with a gloved finger. I groan in frustration, there's a puddle of drool on it! Talk about embar-ras-sing... "Then here's an easy solution: Don't knock me out," I say snidely as an attempt to keep my nonexistent pride. "What makes you thin...