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  • Amaryllis {Len x Miku}
    1.1K 85 7

    Sometimes, loving doesn't always come easily, especially when you have your eyes set on someone else other than who you are supposed to. Len Kagamine, 19, found this out years ago. Before the war. Before his empire was ruined. But after he takes his beloved and flees his position as Oracle of the Amaryllian Kingdom. S...

  • The Secret life of Droids.
    291 7 1

    R3-D2 and C3-PO have a little fun

  • His Last Hope
    3.3K 268 25

  • A Lombaxes Love
    472 26 7

    Herro! Um this is a another ratchet x lombax clank because the one I was writing was somehow deleted and blah blah! So yeah hope you enjoy! :3

  • A Fox's Journey
    3.5K 87 4

    After many many many attempts to win Katie's heart it just seems like whatever kyubi could do would never work. And so with that he excepts defeat, thinking that he may never be promoted to senior fox. Until one day he comes across a certain yokai watch user. Soon enough to his suprise he once again finds another tar...

  • Should We Kiss?
    14.9K 606 11

    Okay so a cute Mabel Pacifica story Gravity falls pairing. I mean they aren't my otp but they are definitely a cute couple so. I hope you enjoy. This is no longer a one shot btw.

  • ◆ Fanfiction times: Miku x luka ◆
    11.4K 177 3

    My first time with fan fiction!! Hope you enjoy!! BOOK 2 coming soon!!

  • Mikasa x Sasha
    1.7K 26 1

    meh, MikaSasha drabble. -jay

  • Magnet (Luka x Miku)
    10.2K 282 7

    Miku Hatsune, a young leek loving girl, falls in love with the beautiful Luka Megurine. Little did Luka know, her adorable little leek lover was so perverted...(LEMON IN CHAPTER 6)

  • Black and White and Streaks of Color
    38.2K 1.8K 42

    Mabel Pines and her twin brother Dipper are staying in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer. As Mabel wanders the town she meets Pacifica Northwest, a girl known for her rude attitude and rich family. Mabel helps her change, and soon the two confess their love for each other. Meanwhile, Dipper investigates the town's...

  • Mabifica Fanfic- Matching Sweaters
    1K 49 1

    Mabel has been dying to ask out her crush, Pacifica and after many hours and failed sweaters, she finally found the perfect thing to propose a date with the "Girl of her dreams.".

  • Mabifica
    2.2K 100 1

  • Can't Sleep Without You
    741 9 2

    A book with various Yokai watch ships I like.

  • Warm My Heart
    1.5K 52 4

    After learning her little sister Frostina has a crush, Blizzaria is determined to help her win his heart. BlazionxFrostina

  • Jibanyan's Diary
    677 22 3

    This Is A Diary For Jibanyan! From Me,Whisper! I Might Look At It Though...Sneaky Ghostly Tricks Up My Sleeves

  • VOCALOID Yuri Oneshots
    3.4K 106 7

    .:Requests are currently OPEN:. A collection of various Vocaloid yuri oneshots! From Haku x Neru to Miriam x Lola, these quick but sweet oneshots beg to be read! Oh, wait! You don't see your VocaYuri OTP in the chapter list? Feel free to request some when requests are open! Have fun reading! Current ships inside: >Gu...

  • Gumi x Rin
    3.1K 106 4

  • Fireflies {Rin x Gumi}
    829 20 1

    Rin Kagamine, your average teenage girl, meets Gumi Megpoid, a sweet and whimsical girl with a somewhat mysterious past, who seems to like her. When Rin develops feelings for her as well, what could go wrong? Maybe...Kaito Shion, that's what. Contains mainly Rin x Gumi, but also some Gumi x Kaito. A touch of Miku x L...