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  • Of Her Own - Tales from Aleyi: a short story about Lallie
    1.5K 34 2

    All young Lallie Nonsire wanted was a quiet life, minding her own business and ignoring what she was by birth. After her magic betrays her by saving a friend's life, she'll settle for escaping Saf before she's turned into a live torch. But where can the child of a despised race flee? - (A short story of 2600 words, fo...

  • Snippets from Aleyi: a collection of flash fiction
    276 13 3

    A collection of short-short stories and vignettes set in my fantasy world of Aleyi, which will all make more sense if you've read the series. Some will contain spoilers for various stories, so I've marked each vignette with a header that'll cue you in about what it has spoilers for (and for whose PoV it's in). I hope...

  • Full Rune
    301 15 2

    She was a lab experiment, and he was son of the man who made her... (A short story of about 3100 words / 10 pages, plus an excerpt from the centuries-later story "Thrice Uncharmed")

  • In the Hands of the Smith
    269 30 3

    For women like Flory, fear comes far more easily than trust. Is the strange dwarf visitor another person she should fear, or might he be what she needs, to be able to trust again? (A short story of about 3,200 words / 11 pages / 12 minutes for the average reader.)

  • She Who Knows Tomorrow: a sci-fi novella (displaced shadows #1)
    1.7K 108 10

    All kindness isn't wise. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Third's clutch of Nameless escaped their home universe years ago. Third's just biding her time until she's old enough to legally join the Named. The other two in her clutch haven't been so patient. They've been living as if already Named-a capital offense, per all s...

  • A Fistful of Water: Chronicles of Marsdenfel #3
    9.6K 397 13

    She can regain what her father gave up, but it'll cost all she has to get it... Geddis Feyim is tired of others complaining because they have all she ever wanted. Her father and elder sister serve as prophets for the king, their father's half-brother, but that doesn't help the rest of the family. Her mother's dead, he...

  • 1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Air: Book #5, Chronicles of Marsdenfel
    6.6K 555 25

    Sometimes, the next generation is all you have to look forward to...even if you won't live long enough to see it... · · · · · Endellion Yunan is high queen of the elves, but her human half-brother has enslaved her realm to gain access to magic only her bloodline and their lovers can control. Her brother has stolen he...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Fistful of Fire: Chronicles of Marsdenfel #1
    761K 4.2K 10

    Tales of loathsome kings and prophesied saviors aren't so appealing when you are a royal bastard of prophecy... Evonalé Yunan is supposed to somehow free her grandmother's enslaved people, but she's merely a child, and her father is the powerful fire mage who subjugates the realm. She has therefore fled home, her half...

  • A Fistful of Earth: Chronicles of Marsdenfel #2
    56.2K 1.5K 9

    She has the magic to save her friends-but it'll cost their trust to use it... Lallie Nonsire Cobbleson is no stranger to prejudice. Between her heritage and her childhood spent in an orphanage, she knows full well how most folks like people they find strange. So when her friend, the illegitimate Evonalé Yunan, gets a...

  • 1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Deception: Book #4, Chronicles of Marsdenfel
    53.8K 2.6K 42

    This book is FOURTH in a series + a FIRST DRAFT. It may not make sense without having read the rest of the series. This is being posted as part of the First Draft Fridays run by Carradee, a.k.a. Misti Wolanski. Thus, this version is rough and may or may not bear significant differences from the final version that ends...